Fun ideas for your wedding reception

Fun ideas for your wedding reception

magicianIf you’re planning your wedding and are hoping to have a fun and unique wedding reception that your guests won’t soon forget then you’ve come to the right place. There are many creative ways which you can make your reception more fun without spending a lot of extra money. Here are 7 ways to make your wedding reception more fun:

1. Table Games – Make up some games for guests to play and leave them on the tables. One fun game is to come up with a different question for each table like “what should we do on date nights?” or “what is the secret to a happy marriage?” Leave writing utensils on the tables and ask that all guests sitting at the tables add their thoughts to the booklet. This will be a fun activity for the guests and will be a great keepsake for the married couple. Another idea for a fun table game is mad libs. Make up mad libs cards and set enough for 1 for each guest to fill out on the tables. This will give your guests something to do and will provide lots of laughs for the happy couple to read after the wedding.

2. Have a Live Band – A live band is always more fun than having a DJ play music. It is more personal and people will be more likely to get up and dance with a band playing. People are more likely to remember a reception with a band as well.

3. Have a Surprise Entertainer – Having a magician or comedian or a dance team will add a lot of excitement to your wedding reception and make it very memorable as well. Many of these options don’t cost much money and provide a lot of entertainment for your guests.

4. Have Your Guests Document The Wedding – With almost everyone on instagram these days and most people being picture crazy, why not ask your guests to capture pictures at your wedding and put them on instagram with a hashtag like “#heatherbillwedding”. This is fun for guests and will help create memories of your special day that you can keep forever.

5. Have a Photobooth – Photobooths are very trendy right now. Guests will have a blast taking funny pictures in a photobooth with lots of different fun and interesting props.

6. Get Creative With Your Wedding Favors – Don’t do the same old boring things that everyone does – put some thought into your favors and give your guests something unique and different that really represents you and your future spouse.

7. Make a Video of Your Guests’ Funny Stories – Have someone go around with a video camera talking to your guests, asking for funny stories of the couple or memorable times. This will be a great keepsake for the happy couple in the future and will provide lots of laughs for your guests.

By using some of the ideas above you will be able to have a unique and fun wedding reception that your guests are sure to remember for years to come.

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