Dating tips for men – 10 common mistakes

So you’ve got a date and you’re looking forward to a great night out. You’ve ironed your shirt and polished your shoes. You’ve sprayed enough cologne to poison a small country, and your taxi has just landed. Nothing can go wrong can it?

Well, unless you’ve read through these common mistakes and how to avoid them, then it’s possible that the night could end in disaster. So get your notepad out and your reading glasses on, and worry no more…

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Cleaning tips: hacks to save you money

The UK alone spends over a billion pounds each year on cleaning products in the UK and sales get a massive boost around now as we all embark on spring cleaning projects. But cleaning products are pricey and there are lots of good cheap alternatives hanging around the house that do the job just as well. Read our cleaning hacks that will save you £££s on cleaning products and possibly put you off drinking cola for life, too:

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Top tips for attracting women

Are you struggling to find that special someone? There may be a number of reasons why the right person hasn’t yet come along, so don’t panic! By following these handy tips you should be all set for jumping right back into the dating pool.

So if you have a date coming up and you’re looking to impress, or if you have another night out planned and you’re on the prowl for that lucky lady; make sure you read through these great tips that may just make that difference you’ve been looking for!

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Cleaning tips: how to remove stains

Spilt something nasty on your carpet, down your clothes or on the sofa? Don’t worry – our A-Z guide to removing common stains from your clothes, furniture and carpets will keep your clothes and your home stain free and looking like new. General stain removal tips: Always use colour fast cloths or sponges to apply products, unless an applicator … Read more

Cleaning tips: How to unblock a toilet

If your toilet’s blocked, don’t reach for the phone and call a plumber – you can probably unblock it yourself and quite often it won’t cost you a penny! Follow this step by step do-it-yourself guide and only call out a plumber as a last resort. What you’ll need: An old container (for scooping out … Read more