The top three fat burning myths

Trying to lose weight can be tough, and you’ve probably already read a million and one articles telling you exactly how to lose weight and burn fat quickly. Some of them may be completely true and accurate, and some of them may unfortunately be a little out of date.

No matter what you read it’s important to realise that not everything is true, and we’re here to help you avoid some of the myths surrounding weight loss and exercise.

Here are our top three fat burning myths…

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6 tips to burning fat – the fastest way to lose weight

Are you one of these people that look in the mirror and accepts that it’s just not possible to burn away the fat and get in shape? Sure, your metabolism may have slowed down over the years, but that doesn’t stop you changing the way you live right now and getting into the best shape of your life!

And it’s not just about how many calories you consume and the amount of exercise you do, there are also a few tips and tricks along the way that will make the difference between losing one pound a week and three!

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Eat little and often – fat burning tips

You’re late for work, so you decide to scoff down a bowl of cereal before you rush out the door. After a couple of stressful hours at work you’re now starving, so you grab the apple out of your drawer and tuck in.

You’ve got way too much work to do and that deadline won’t meet itself. Lunch time comes, so you heat up a jacket potato in the microwave and rush back to your desk to finish that report. Come 3pm you’re hungry again and you dash to the vending machine for a well deserved bar of chocolate.

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8 fat burning fruits

You’ll often here how important it is that you eat fewer calories in order to lose weight, but what most people fail to realise is that it’s far more important to eat healthy food, and stop worrying about calories.

Would you lose the same amount of weight eating 1,500 calories of chips, pizza and ice cream every day, compared with 1,500 calories of fruit, vegetables, and protein?

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Swimming – the ultimate fat burner

Going to the gym can be a little daunting when you see all those machines and weights, and it can literally take hours to get through all the exercises you need to give yourself an entire full body workout.

If you’re looking for the one simple exercise that’s the ultimate fat burner, then swimming is the way to go! Not only is swimming fun and easy to do, it’s also one of the best exercises out there if you want to boost your metabolism and burn fat quickly.

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How to boost your metabolism

We’ve all got a friend or family member that seems to be able to eat anything and never put on a pound – and it can be very frustrating! How come they can get away with eating pizza and not suffer the consequences?

One of the main reasons why these people find it so easy is because they have a great metabolism. Some people are born with a fast metabolism, however, this doesn’t really make that much of a difference when it comes down to it, and boosting your metabolism isn’t as difficult as it may seem.

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6 amazing foods that fight fat

You’ll often read that the only way to lose weight is by eating fewer calories. Well, although this is true, you still need to make sure those calories are coming from healthy food.

Everyone knows that eating salads, fruit and protein is the ultimate option when it comes to choosing what to include in your diet, but there are also certain ingredients that can help fight fat, and fast!

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How to clean your carpets

Cleaning your carpets can seem like a very daunting task, but it’s also an essential one if you want to keep your carpets looking fresh and new.

You could consider hiring a professional cleaner to come and shampoo or powder the carpets, but if you’d rather save the money and do it yourself, then here’s our ultimate guide on how to clean and maintain your carpets –

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How to clean your own windows like a professional

If you’ve ever wondered how a professional window cleaner makes it look so easy and you want to have a go yourself, then here’s our handy guide on how to clean your own windows like a pro!

Windows should be cleaned at least twice a year, and when done correctly, shouldn’t take very long at all. A lot of people make the mistake of using the wrong tools when attempting to clean windows, and using rags and kitchen roll along with some elbow grease isn’t the right way to go. Cleaning windows this way often just shifts the dirt around the window and causes smudges to appear.

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Hiring a cleaner – handy tips

If you find yourself struggling to keep on top of the house work and things are getting a little messy, then it may be time to consider hiring a cleaner. It could be that you work very long hours and just don’t have the time. Or you may have a large family and it’s difficult to keep on top of the chores.

No matter what the reason, if you’re thinking about hiring a cleaner to help keep your home clean and tidy, then here are some handy tips to consider –

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