Dieting secrets – what the doctors don’t tell you

You’ve probably read a million and one articles on how to lose weight, but did they ever really work? Millions of people around the world struggle with their weight, and no matter what they try they just can’t seem to stick to it. Does this sound familiar?

Everyone has good intentions when they first start to diet, but after a couple of weeks (sometimes even days), the cravings come back and so does the weight. Dieting is all about changing your lifestyle and not just your current eating habits.

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Katie Hopkins: to be, or not to be, obese

Most of us love to hate Katie Hopkins the apprentice star turned outspoken celebrity, who continues to cause uproar among the general public with her opinions and in some cases downright rude and inappropriate remarks about very sensitive issues.

The list of topics that Katie has commented on ranges from the working class, to the Ebola virus, right through to the obese. And it’s the latest weight gain/loss regime that she’s put herself through that I’d like to talk about and to try and tackle the question that’s on everybody’s lips – is she right?

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The messiest homes in the world

Messiest homes in the world

If your teenager’s room leaves you with your head in your hands, take a peak at this gallery of messy homes from around the world. From mould and grime to mountains of rubbish, these homes look uninhabited – but they are all genuine photographs of properties that are – or were – occupied by people … Read more