Valentine’s day flower ideas

Valentine's day flower ideas

Image source: Kira’s flowers. Now we’ve got Christmas out of the way, Valentine’s day is the next big event on the florist’s calendar. At Pat’s, we’re ready to help you select a beautiful flower bouquet for delivery in Jacksonville Florida. Giving flowers on Valentine’s day requires a little thought however – otherwise, they can feel … Read moreValentine’s day flower ideas

What is Plagiarism, Why is it bad? Is it intentional?


Well, Plagiarism is the way of stealing another ones work and those consequences are varied on how much you take from them. Plagiarism is defined in many definitions there’s ‘Direct Plagiarism which is a word of word copy’. ‘Self Plagiarism is the combining parts of previous essay of an older time period that is similar … Read moreWhat is Plagiarism, Why is it bad? Is it intentional?

Antique diamond cuts for wedding and engagement rings

Antique diamond cuts - wedding rings

There has been a recent rebirth in the desirableness of old cuts of stones. Traditional cuts such as cushion, asscher, rose and additional antique varieties of a round cut are available in present day jewellery inspired by the art deco era and carrying on the ever popular classic theme. These kind of cuts are being … Read moreAntique diamond cuts for wedding and engagement rings

Picking the perfect family tent: everything you need to look out for!

Family Camping

Camping can be one of the most fun family holidays that you can go on. They take you away from the stress of everyday life and get you to spend quality time together. Whilst many people will see camping as a basic break, the truth is, when you get it right, you can all camp … Read morePicking the perfect family tent: everything you need to look out for!

5 reasons you should install a fire pit in your garden

Garden fire pit

If you want to create a garden space that looks great, is perfect for social gatherings and is also easy to maintain, then it’s time you thought about a fire pit. The wide range and styles available nowadays means you can easily find a design to fit your location perfectly. For most of us, the … Read more5 reasons you should install a fire pit in your garden

Getting the best out of your portable fire pit

Portable fire pit

There’s nothing better than gathering around a fire with close friends or family. There’s something about the fresh, outdoor air, the ambiance and the sense of comfort we get from such occasions that puts the world in perspective. Portable fire pits are an ideal way to hold an evening shin dig in your garden and … Read moreGetting the best out of your portable fire pit

Choose your perfect wedding day music

Looking for the perfect music for your wedding day? Check out our ideal wedding day playlist. You’ll notice quite a lot of covers in here – you can find these on Youtube and then use ‘Youtube to MP3’ to convert them, if you can’t purchase the song. You’ll find loads of great versions of slightly too cheesy wedding songs on Youtube that sound much better when covered as an acoustic. Like this list? Please share it! 🙂

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Choosing a wedding ring

Tree wedding ring bands

Wedding ringsShopping for the ideal wedding ring can be quite a challenge especially if you have a million and one other things to arrange. But fear not – below you will find some tips that will help make the process as painless as possible and help ensure that you and your partner get the ring that you both deserve and will wear with pride for the rest of your life.

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How to get the perfect wedding dress

MoriLee-Bridal-Dresses-1964-0036Choosing a wedding dress is perhaps one of the most important decisions that the bride has to make during the wedding preparations. There is so much pressure that comes with this as ladies want to make sure that this is done right on one of the biggest day of their lives. To relieve some of this pressure, follow our experts’ advice and tips to ensure you come away with the perfect gown.

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Top 6 irresistible wedding transportation ideas

Wedding transport lamboThe fact that everybody else is choosing a limo as their wedding transport doesn’t mean that it’s the only option you have out there. In fact, you can surprise the crowds with something unique and special. A little bit of creativity is what you need to get to the chapel in style. And when you do that, people will remember your wedding in their lifetime.

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Wedding venue ideas

Fairytale wedding venueIf you’ve already decided that a church wedding isn’t for you but you’re not keen on the Registry Office, it’s time to consider what alternatives you have. Although every girl’s dream wedding is that fairytale castle, for most of us it’ll be well out of our price range. If you don’t want to spend a small fortune but you’d like someone a little bit more romantic than your local village hall, here are a few interesting and original ideas to inspire you.

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Choosing the perfect wedding jewellery

bridal jewelleryWith so much to plan for your big day, sometimes the wedding jewellery can be a  bit of an after thought. But the right jewellery can really set off your dress and add something special to your overall look. Here, I’ll walk you through the essential items of wedding jewellery and give you some ideas to help you get the right look.

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Planning a wedding: where to start

handsIf you’ve just sat down to plan the big day and you’re wondering if this is going to be a fun experience or a complete nightmare, let me assure you that it can be fun – if you let it. I planned my wedding in less than six months, it wasn’t stressful in the slightest and the day was magical. Here I’ll share my best tips for ensuring your big day goes smoothly and walk you through what you need to do, step by step.

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Portrait photography tips every photographer should master


By: Ken Otieno

portraitsGetting the right portrait is never easy as far as photography is concerned. A skilled photographer will use their knowledge to adjust the camera settings and the end-results will be more than splendid. Another one will depend on the camera and the position of the subject they are capturing. For instance, if they are taking photos of kids, they would charm them to make them stay still in order to shoot great portraits out of them.

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The top eight places to go on a first date

Older woman - photography

Deciding where to go and what to do on a first date can be tough, and it’s hard to make a great first impression if you choose the wrong place or activity.

Most people think that going on a date to the cinema or for a romantic meal makes for the perfect first date. However, we would disagree and places like this can sometimes make for awkward conversation – or no conversation at all!

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Finding opportunities for your business using Ansoff’s Matrix

Ansoff's matrix

If your business is looking to expand, the Product-Market Growth Matrix – usually referred to as the Ansoff Matrix – can be a useful tool to help you create a strategy. The matrix, which was first published in the Harvard Business Review, identifies four different possible approaches – market penetration, market development, product development and diversification. In this article I explain how these approaches could work for your business.

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Dieting secrets – what the doctors don’t tell you

You’ve probably read a million and one articles on how to lose weight, but did they ever really work? Millions of people around the world struggle with their weight, and no matter what they try they just can’t seem to stick to it. Does this sound familiar?

Everyone has good intentions when they first start to diet, but after a couple of weeks (sometimes even days), the cravings come back and so does the weight. Dieting is all about changing your lifestyle and not just your current eating habits.

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Katie Hopkins: to be, or not to be, obese

Most of us love to hate Katie Hopkins the apprentice star turned outspoken celebrity, who continues to cause uproar among the general public with her opinions and in some cases downright rude and inappropriate remarks about very sensitive issues.

The list of topics that Katie has commented on ranges from the working class, to the Ebola virus, right through to the obese. And it’s the latest weight gain/loss regime that she’s put herself through that I’d like to talk about and to try and tackle the question that’s on everybody’s lips – is she right?

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The messiest homes in the world

If your teenager’s room leaves you with your head in your hands, take a peak at this gallery of messy homes from around the world. From mould and grime to mountains of rubbish, these homes look uninhabited – but they are all genuine photographs of properties that are – or were – occupied by people across the globe. We think what these unfortunate house owners need is a copy of our free cleaning schedule!

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How to lose weight after pregnancy

how-to-lose-baby-weight-fastIn this article I’m going to give you an easy way to lose your post-baby weight without any silly crash diets, slimming pills or ridiculous exercise regimes. I’m a 37 year old mum-of-four and when I’m not pregnant, I’m a size 10. I had my last child 11 weeks ago so I’m using this routine again to regain my pre-pregnancy figure and I can tell you it works. I’ve had 3 natural births and a C-section for my fourth delivery.

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How to eliminate the bad smells from your car interior

There are lots of reasons why a car’s interior smells bad, and it may not be your fault. It is possible that the car’s engine has a problem, and a mechanical failure can sometimes mean that a nasty smell is drifting through into your seats. If you suspect that there may be something wrong, you obviously need to take it to the garage and get it looked at immediately!

Other more common reasons for a smelly car interior is from cigarette smoke, or even messy children who like to throw their cola drink around in the back. However, no matter what the cause of the smell, there is an easy way to get rid of it!

For the ultimate cleaning tips to help you eliminate the bad smells from your cars interior, read on and find out how…

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How to clean your bathroom – 7 easy steps

How dirty is the bathroom?

Well, according to recent studies it is by far one of the dirtiest places in your home – and it’s easy to see why! But should you be worried? Not if you read our handy guide on how to properly clean and maintain your bathroom. With our simple to follow 7 step process, you can get to work on your bathroom giving it the best clean it’s ever had. We’re going to take you through everything, from your shower to your toilet – and much more.

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Do you really need a digital camera AND a smartphone?


By: Martin Carline

Whilst the ideal camera is the one you simply happen to have with you, smart phone cameras just do not have the professional capabilities of a full-sized digital camera. Almost everyone has a mobile or smartphone with a camera, and they normally carry their smartphone with them at all times, as the size and weight of a mobile device is very convenient.

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The top 40 fat burning tips of all time!

Ask anybody these days from a nutritionist to Richard Simmons to an average Joe from the street concerning dieting and you will receive the same reply: A good number of diet programs do not succeed! We won’t sugar coat things for you.

Yes, diets can give you the results you want if you get on the right program and genuinely persevere. But the majority of men and women going on diet programs fall short at least once prior to accomplishing his or her planned results.

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The top three fat burning myths

Trying to lose weight can be tough, and you’ve probably already read a million and one articles telling you exactly how to lose weight and burn fat quickly. Some of them may be completely true and accurate, and some of them may unfortunately be a little out of date.

No matter what you read it’s important to realise that not everything is true, and we’re here to help you avoid some of the myths surrounding weight loss and exercise.

Here are our top three fat burning myths…

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6 tips to burning fat – the fastest way to lose weight

Are you one of these people that look in the mirror and accepts that it’s just not possible to burn away the fat and get in shape? Sure, your metabolism may have slowed down over the years, but that doesn’t stop you changing the way you live right now and getting into the best shape of your life!

And it’s not just about how many calories you consume and the amount of exercise you do, there are also a few tips and tricks along the way that will make the difference between losing one pound a week and three!

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Eat little and often – fat burning tips

You’re late for work, so you decide to scoff down a bowl of cereal before you rush out the door. After a couple of stressful hours at work you’re now starving, so you grab the apple out of your drawer and tuck in.

You’ve got way too much work to do and that deadline won’t meet itself. Lunch time comes, so you heat up a jacket potato in the microwave and rush back to your desk to finish that report. Come 3pm you’re hungry again and you dash to the vending machine for a well deserved bar of chocolate.

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8 fat burning fruits

You’ll often here how important it is that you eat fewer calories in order to lose weight, but what most people fail to realise is that it’s far more important to eat healthy food, and stop worrying about calories.

Would you lose the same amount of weight eating 1,500 calories of chips, pizza and ice cream every day, compared with 1,500 calories of fruit, vegetables, and protein?

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Swimming – the ultimate fat burner

Going to the gym can be a little daunting when you see all those machines and weights, and it can literally take hours to get through all the exercises you need to give yourself an entire full body workout.

If you’re looking for the one simple exercise that’s the ultimate fat burner, then swimming is the way to go! Not only is swimming fun and easy to do, it’s also one of the best exercises out there if you want to boost your metabolism and burn fat quickly.

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How to boost your metabolism

We’ve all got a friend or family member that seems to be able to eat anything and never put on a pound – and it can be very frustrating! How come they can get away with eating pizza and not suffer the consequences?

One of the main reasons why these people find it so easy is because they have a great metabolism. Some people are born with a fast metabolism, however, this doesn’t really make that much of a difference when it comes down to it, and boosting your metabolism isn’t as difficult as it may seem.

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6 amazing foods that fight fat

You’ll often read that the only way to lose weight is by eating fewer calories. Well, although this is true, you still need to make sure those calories are coming from healthy food.

Everyone knows that eating salads, fruit and protein is the ultimate option when it comes to choosing what to include in your diet, but there are also certain ingredients that can help fight fat, and fast!

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How to clean your own windows like a professional

If you’ve ever wondered how a professional window cleaner makes it look so easy and you want to have a go yourself, then here’s our handy guide on how to clean your own windows like a pro!

Windows should be cleaned at least twice a year, and when done correctly, shouldn’t take very long at all. A lot of people make the mistake of using the wrong tools when attempting to clean windows, and using rags and kitchen roll along with some elbow grease isn’t the right way to go. Cleaning windows this way often just shifts the dirt around the window and causes smudges to appear.

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Hiring a cleaner – handy tips

If you find yourself struggling to keep on top of the house work and things are getting a little messy, then it may be time to consider hiring a cleaner. It could be that you work very long hours and just don’t have the time. Or you may have a large family and it’s difficult to keep on top of the chores.

No matter what the reason, if you’re thinking about hiring a cleaner to help keep your home clean and tidy, then here are some handy tips to consider –

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How to speed clean your house

Speed cleaningWhen your household budget won’t quite stretch to the cost of paid cleaning, cleaning just like a paid cleaning service can be a great way to have an organised and clean home and this speed cleaning lesson might just be the answer for you! If you are looking for efficiency, convenience and overall cleanliness, these pro cleaning tips will do wonders for you. Learn to clean like the professional cleaners who not only complete the job within a short period but will also handle it seamlessly leaving nothing untouched.

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ISO in digital photography

By: Mradula Shet

ISO or ASA is used to indicate how sensitive traditional photography film is sensitive to light and was measured using the numbers 100, 200, 400 etc seen on films. Smaller numbers indicate the low film sensitivity and the finer grain of the shots taken.

In case of digital photography, ISO measures the image sensor sensitivity based on the same film photography principles- lower numbers indicate lower sensitivity to light and a finer grain.

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How to Hold a Digital Camera

By: Sarah Parlin

Holding cameraMany new digital and film photographers normally have a problem known as “camera shake” where they produce blurry images mostly because they do not hold the camera still enough while depressing the shutter. This is highly common with shots that are taken when the shutter is open for a long time and taken in low light situations. This can be caused when the camera is moved slightly and the only way this can be resolved is to use a tripod.

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Aperture in Digital Photography

By: Grace Wanja

aperture f numberThere are a number of aspects digital photographers need to learn something that prompted me to write a series of articles to help them know how to move from Auto mode and manually set exposure of the shots they make. I concentrated mainly on 3 elements of the exposure triangle i.e. Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO. Below you will learn details about Aperture.

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White balance in digital photography

By: Bryan Derek

whitebalanceWhite balance is a name directed at a system of color correction to cope with differing lighting conditions. Usually our eyes compensate with regard to different lighting conditions, but when taking a still having a digital camera the camera has to obtain the “white point” (the assumption that the white object must appear white) to fix other colors cast through the same light.

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How to get rid of those bad smells in your car

Smelly car interiorThere are a number of reasons why a car interior can smell bad. It could be that there is a mechanical problem with the car itself which is causing the smell. It could be cigarettes or even your messy children in the back that are causing the smell; but no matter where the smell is coming from it should be easy to get rid of.

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The essential guide to selling your car

When it comes to selling a car we all want the same thing – to sell it for the best price, and to sell it quickly. However, in today’s market you’re very likely to be up against hundreds if not thousands of advertised cars on the Internet that are all competitively priced.So how are you going to make yours stand out from the rest?

By following our essential guide to selling your car, you should stand every chance of getting a quick and easy sale!

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Ten top tips to prevent your car from breaking down

Before we look at a few tips to help keep your car from breaking down, it’s important to realise that your car must be serviced as recommended by the manufacturer’s schedule. A regular service is the best way to keep your car in great shape, and will give your car a much lower chance of anything going wrong.

Apart from a regular service you can also carry out some routine checks of your own, which may not only prevent a breakdown, but could also get you out of a tight spot and put your car back on the road…

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How to check tyre tread on your car

New tyresKnowing how to check the tyre tread on a car, and understanding how to spot a worn tyre, is an essential skill when it comes to buying, selling or owning a car. Although tyres are not the most expensive item to replace on a car, it still may be an added cost when purchasing a used vehicle if you don’t check.

More importantly, you need to know when a tyre is worn and may not be legal; not just in case the police pull you over, but for your own safety as well as your families or friends who may travel with you.

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