The benefits of work experience placements

Work experience student

Liz Rhodes MBE, former Director of the National Council for Work Experience (NCWE), explains how small businesses can utilise student talent to boost productivity. The very mention of the words ‘work experience’ has been known to cause many a small business owner or manager to shudder – images of pale-faced youths struggling to look busy … Read more



You would have first come across infinity when you are thinking of the universe and existence, how everything is either finite of infinite within its existence. You next encounter with infinity would have been in your GCSE mathematics lessons, when an odd symbol represented a never-ending solution to a complex problem. Infinity, is known to … Read more

Space cleaning in Feng Shui

Space clearing

For thousands of years sacred ceremonies have been performed to instil beneficial energy into living spaces. Forgotten ceremonies that once brought vitality to generations are now being used to bring peace in today’s homes and businesses with remarkable results. “The art and ceremony of space clearing has been practiced around the world since the beginning … Read more

Fashion, Clothes & Feng Shui

Clothes on mannequins

The shades and shapes that are “in” influence everybody. Clothes wear us – we don’t wear them – and they affect how we feel and behave. If you are wearing a tight suit you won’t be able to flop down on a sofa in the way you would if you were wearing jeans and a … Read more