Advantages, limitations, and unique qualities

Advantages, limitations and unique qualities

Advantages, limitations and unique qualities (described in Isaksen, Dorval and Treffinger, 1994) is a simple, constructive evaluation technique to apply to any potentially interesting business ideas. It can also be used during idea generation to provoke more ideas and is a useful exercise in switching between mental ‘sets’. Select the idea you want to consider. … Read more

The 5 CV mistakes you need to avoid

CV mistakes

Making a mistake on your CV or cover letter, no matter how big or small, will likely result in rejection. No matter how highly qualified you are, it’s important to remember there will be other candidates with the same skills as you that have written an impeccable CV. The sheer amount of applications an employer … Read more

Is it time for a career change?

Monday morning dread - should you quit your job

It’s Monday morning and the alarm clock just went off – how are you feeling? Some of us will be leaping out of bed and ready to face another challenging yet exciting week.  For others, the dread will have already set in and you might already feel like you’d rather be tucked up in bed. Is it time for a career change?

New office space planned for Milton Keynes

New office space is on the cards in central Milton Keynes as plans for a five-storey office block have been submitted to the Council for approval. The complex – Victoria House – will be developed on Grafton Park, subject to approval being granted. The applicant is Frontier Estates (Investments) Limited, a successful UK property development … Read more

Out of control rents in Silicon Roundabout push tech startups away

Silicon Roundabout in Shoreditch, a reference to Silicon Valley in California, is home to a huge number of tech businesses and a popular location for start ups.  But the soaring cost of property in this sought-after location is pushing new companies away in favour of more competitive rents elsewhere. Renting office space anywhere in London brings with it huge … Read more