How to clean your own windows like a professional

If you’ve ever wondered how a professional window cleaner makes it look so easy and you want to have a go yourself, then here’s our handy guide on how to clean your own windows like a pro!

Windows should be cleaned at least twice a year, and when done correctly, shouldn’t take very long at all. A lot of people make the mistake of using the wrong tools when attempting to clean windows, and using rags and kitchen roll along with some elbow grease isn’t the right way to go. Cleaning windows this way often just shifts the dirt around the window and causes smudges to appear.

Before we begin, it’s important to go out and buy the right tools for the job. Here’s what you need to clean both picture and multi pane windows –

  • Strip applicator
  • Squeegee
  • Chamois
  • Lint free rag
  • Sponge
  • Washing up liquid
  • Bucket

First of all you need to use the strip applicator and a bucket of soapy water. For the soap, we recommend using a very small amount of washing up liquid in your bucket of hot water. The strip applicator does a great job of wiping the dirt away from the window without scratching it at the same time.

Now it’s time to use your squeegee. You will have often seen a professional window cleaner make this part look easy and it isn’t too hard to pick up once you’ve learnt the technique.

Cleaning window with strip applicatorBasically, what you need to do (if you’re right handed) is start with the squeegee about a third of the way down the left hand side of the window. You need to position the squeegee almost vertical to the window, and then twist it to the left an inch or so.

The next step is to draw the squeegee from the left hand side all the way to the top, and then across to the right. You should be able to wipe the whole top part of the window in one stroke.

The next step is to continue from right to left and then left to right in a sweeping motion. What you are aiming for is to constantly leave a soapy shape of a mountain in the middle of the window whilst you continue to sweep across with the squeegee. Finally, you will end up at the bottom and you can sweep across in a straight line.

This type of technique is very difficult to describe and it’s important you see how it’s done by a professional. Here is our recommended video on how to use the squeegee on your window –

Sometimes you may want to use one of your rags to wipe the blades as you go along. This isn’t always necessary, but may be needed if you have a really large window.

You can now use the chamois to remove the water remaining on the edge of the windows. To prevent any streaks it’s important you wet the chamois and then wring it dry to leave it slightly damp. Use a rag to dry your windowsill.

Multi paneIf you have a multi paned window, then you will need a different approach. However, this is still very simple and just requires the use of a sponge and a smaller squeegee. It is also worth noting that you can either buy a smaller squeegee that fits your window panes, or you can cut a larger one down with a hacksaw to make an exact fit.

Using a bucket of soapy water, dip the sponge and then apply it to the window. Give each window a good scrub before you begin with the squeegee.

When using the squeegee you won’t have enough room to use the previous technique, but that won’t matter. All you need to do is apply the squeegee from the top straight to the bottom in one swift movement.

As before, you can remove any streaks with your chamois and wipe the muntins with a rag. And that’s it! You are now cleaning windows like a pro…

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