Junk filled house selling for knock down price

Whilst we’d never claim to be the tidiest team on the planet, we’re quite sure none of our houses have ever matched the state of a property that has just gone on the market in North London.

The property itself would make a beautiful home: a Grade II listed four bedroom house in Edmonton with an attractive front typical of houses in this area. Described as ‘once elegant’, the photographs on property website Rightmove now reveal mountains of clutter and evidence of prolific hoarding to a degree that would send even Kim Woodburn running out the door.


Above: described as the kitchen, but could you even find a pan? Somewhat ironically, a vacuum cleaner is in view. 


Above: The lower middle floor has a room that could be converted into a utility, if only someone would clean it first! Is that a secret door at the back? 

Sitting room

Above: Whilst some might describe this as the ‘sitting’ room, you might have a little difficulty sitting down in here.

Kitchen diner

Above: Another room described as the kitchen/diner. Please don’t invite us over for tea just yet!

Above: Clearly nobody explained to the owner how dangerous it is to leave stuff lying around on the stairs!

Above: If you can make it through the clutter to the bath tub, you could enjoy a soak with the Stephen King novel left by the owner. Of course, for the neatniks amongst you, you might feel like you’ve already experienced enough horror for one day.

Above: Piled up books are a frequent theme in this hoarder’s collection. To the right, an unusually organised DVD rack. Perhaps they made a start…

Above: The bed has covers on and looks like it might have even been used. Did they really live here?!

Above: Books, books, books – this hoarder sure loved to read, a lot more than they loved to tidy.

Despite the abundance of junk, it doesn’t take a trained eye to see what a wonderful home this could be. The ceilings are high, the rooms are generously sized and the huge sash windows allow oodles of light into the property – or at least they would if the depressing curtains were removed. Once restored, this property would be a charmer, although in reality it is likely to be snapped up by a developer and converted into flats.

The property is currently on the market for the first time in 22 years with offers from £500,000. It was last sold way back in 1999 for £163,500. Rightmove data shows that homes on this street don’t go up for sale often, so there is little to compare the price to, but prices in Edmonton have soared, looking at roughly the same period. 

Source: Foxtons

It would seem that several of the properties on this road have been converted into flats, with a two-bed flat going for around £250,000 in 2016 – 5 years ago, before the recent boom in prices.

The property has 4 – 5 floors including a kitchen/dining room on the lower ground, a small utility-type room on the lower middle, the main entrance, two reception rooms and bathroom on the ground floor, two bedrooms on the first floor, and a top floor with access to the third and fourth bedrooms. It has a long front lawn and lawned area to the rear.

Marketed by Peter Graff Estate Agents and offered chain free, it makes you wonder what happened to the previous owner and why they hoarded quite so much junk.

View the listing here – all photos copyright of Rightmove.

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