Best exercises for your abs, pecs and back

Gym training

Abdomen (abs) Tricky body part, the most problematic body part, everyone wants good abs. The abdomen is the long muscle of your stomach. People think it consists of 6 different parts, hence the term six-pack, but this isn’t the case, that is just the way the muscle is shaped. Remember no matter how hard you work … Read more

Top tips for effective weight training

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Outlined here is what I believe to be important and often overlooked aspects of weight training. Breathing: Breathing is very important when performing lifts especially for the beginner and when lifting heavy weights. It fills you with oxygen at the right moment and helps you to complete the exercise using proper form. The general “rule” … Read more

What’s YOUR Reason to lose weight?

Two people working with weights in the gym

Did you notice that one theme on The Biggest Loser was how important it is to identify your reason to lose weight? There are many reasons to lose weight, as I was reminded last night. During the competition, people at the ranch definitely were in it for their families. Having a toddler myself, I found … Read more

Losing Weight: Cockiness or Certainty?


I would bet that less than 10% of people who start any weight loss program, reach their goals and/or finish their challenge. But most go into a diet, program or challenge with energy, enthusiasm. “I’m gonna do it! Nothing can stop me!” they boast. They set their intentions, plan and make their meals, get into … Read more

How to exercise your eyes

Eye exercises

Other than keeping our bodies fit, you can exercise your eyes as well. Our eyes need regular exercise in order to keep them healthy and help minimize eyestrain. It’s more important to do the exercises regularly than to do them for a long time. Even 30 – 60 seconds of eye movement every hour is … Read more



If you’re doing any intense work outs, you’re putting your body under stress. The stress hormone cortisol, which is responsible for fat storage, is secreted in high amounts as a result. This hormone can cause your body to use muscle tissue for energy. This is where phosphatidylserine comes in – it blocks its secretion. This allows you … Read more

Can Yoga Help to Burn Belly Fat?

Yoga on the beach

Lots of famous celebs like Jennifer Aniston practice yoga on a regular basis, so it must be helping them to burn the belly fat right? Well, kind of, but not really as much as you’d think. Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a quick way to burn away that belly fat, then yoga isn’t the answer. … Read more