Does your home need a remedy?

Have you ever experienced the following:-

  • Upon entering a house you have felt as if something was “wrong”?
  • Have you ever felt uncomfortable sitting with your back to a door in a restaurant?
  • Have you ever been about to go into a store to purchase something and then suddenly changed your mind and have bought the same thing somewhere else?
  • Have you ever visited someone’s house for the first time and have had that feeling that it was a “good” place to be.

If you have suffered, or enjoyed any of these experiences, then may be your sensitive to something that has been studied for thousands of years in China -“Feng Shui”.

To remedy your environment walk through each room and ask yourself the following questions:

Does this room feel right? What are you unhappy about? What do you like? What can you change? What would you improve? If there is nothing you would change, then that room is fine. If however you would like to make changes then remedies need to be implemented.

A rule to remember is that energy (Chi) flows according to certain principles. Chi thrives on harmony, order, clarity, cleanliness, gentle curves, space and beauty. However it dislikes clutter, disorder, straight lines, cramped conditions, dark corners, ugliness, unused areas, chaos and confusion.

So if you have a room which is dark you may be overwhelmed by too fast Chi, so place a mirror to deflect this. This will channel it back from where it came and slow it down. Try spring cleaning, painting or just tidying up this area, this can help. Another remedy is to hang a crystal in a window in order to break up the light and you are overjoyed with darts of coloured light around the room. This area can be filled with life, try applying plants. They should have well-rounded leaves and lots of colour.

If the area that needs attention feels heavy then you should fill it with movement to stir up the stagnation. This could be a water fountain, fish in an aquarium or even wind chimes which move whenever there is a gently breeze. You could also try a fibre optic or bubble lamp this will add movement to this area. Alternatively burn some incense as a short-term solution or candles.

Dark areas need to be filled with light remedies. These can be in the way of lamps, candles, and wall lights, sidelights or whatever type you want or like. The only rule in Feng Shui is that you shouldn’t be able to see any bare bulbs. Lamps should be soft and warm, gentle and glowing and always clean. Dimmer switches are a way of controlling the level of lighting.

Make sure that all windows are clean to allow maximum daylight to come in. Curtains should be kept open as much as possible. Try to keep the room decoration light and bright, with lots of white and pale colours, try to avoid dark colours or heavy looking furnishings. Clear any clutter away and keep the whole area clean and as tidy as you possibly can.

If you have stairs, remember that Chi needs to get upstairs (and down again) as easily as possible, so to do this your staircase should be free from piled items. But on the other hand if you stairs are very straight the energy can be fast moving, and should be slowed down by placing a mirror at the bottom of the stairs.

Kitchens should be kept as bright and clear as possible. Put away any utensils if you are not using them, keep work surfaces as clear as possible.

Bathrooms should be bright and clean. Keep the toilet seat down and avoid any leaking or dripping taps. Towels lefts on the floor are not helpful. Tidy up and the energy will circulate better and cause you fewer damp problems.

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