Just a habit

By Mark Lister Do you ever notice this happening with you? 1. You’re doing some task, one you’ve done plenty of times before. Someone says something like “Why don’t you do it this way?” or “Why don’t you do that?” 2. You find yourself thinking, “That’s clearly a good idea – why on earth DON’T … Read more

How many rabbits are you chasing?

By Jane Quinn A friend of mine told me he walked into a petrol station and was confused when asked if he would like two rabbits with his fuel. Frowning, he asked why and was told that a local girl was looking for a new home for her pets. Now the offer of rabbits made a little more … Read more

Planning and conducting market research

Market research is about sensing what the reality is, out there in the big wide world, right now. It follows that without market research, any company enters the market with its eyes firmly shut. Market research should never be used as a security blanket after a decision has been made – it is here to deepen the understanding of the Value Line, for example the customer, competitors and channels, anticipate the changes in market requirements and eliminate poor decision alternatives.

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What are products?

What are products

Summary: Before you embark on a new business idea, you need to understand what products are. Products (and services) are solutions to jobs. Value is the things you love vs the things you hate in relation to those products and services.

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Romancing Your Clients

Relationships in business (as in life), be that with your clients or customers are all about one very simple fact, they are all built upon trust; them trusting you and you trusting them. Hark back to when you were in a romantic mood.  You spend time wining and dining your potential loved one.  This goes … Read more