What to wear on a first date – women

Choosing what to wearIt’s hard enough to decide what to wear from day to day – picking the right outfit for your first date is just a nightmare! Should you go smart or casual? Sexy or sassy? Colourful or neutral? Here we’ll walk you through the dos and don’ts of first date outfits and how to make the right impression to give you the best chance of winning his heart for date number two!

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How to dress on a first date – tips for men

Coffee dateYou can never make a second first impression and deciding what to wear on a first date is crucial if you want to impress. It’s also important to dress for the occasion, which means you shouldn’t overdress for the cinema or fail to look smart for your dinner reservation.

Here’s our handy guide to help you decide how you could dress on your first date –

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Vehicle checklist

Vehicle checklistBuying or selling a used/second-hand car? Here is a comprehensive 137 point vehicle checklist to help you. Please note that some of the points do require some technical expertise so you may not be able to follow every single one yourself unless you have the experience! However, the huge majority of points on this vehicle checklist can be reviewed even for those without any technical know-how.

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Car care and maintenance tips – part II

Washing carTaking care of your car is not just about cleaning it once a month, and there is much more to consider when owning and maintaining a car to ensure it stands the test of time.

You may also need to sell the car one day, and the only way to ensure you get a great price is to create a list of routines that are performed regularly – on the interior as well as the exterior!

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Car care and maintenance tips – part I

Car broken downTaking care of your car and keeping it well maintained is the secret to a long and trouble free motoring experience. Understanding how to keep a car well maintained and well looked after will not only keep the chances of mechanical failure to an absolute minimum, but keeping the car clean will also help you sell the car a few years down the line.

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Car clocking – how to avoid it

Clocking odometerWhat is car clocking?

When a car has been ‘clocked’ it means the mileage has been reset back to a much lower figure. For example, the car had a mileage of 101,235 and it was clocked back to 52,358. It has been estimated that clocking costs the consumer around £100 million a year.

The obvious benefit to reducing a car’s mileage is that it increases the value instantly – and we are not just talking hundreds of pounds, but literally thousands! If a car has its mileage reduced by half, the value of the car could double. So this alone makes it a very attractive venture for scammers and criminals.

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Buying a new or used car – the pros and cons

Man with car keysIf you’re looking to get yourself a new car you may be wondering whether or not you should buy second hand or splash out on a brand new one. In the UK around three times as many car buyers opt for a used car, but is it really worth the hassle or should you go for a brand new car with all that warranty and dealer support?

Here’s our guide to the pros and cons of buying a new or used car, along with some helpful advice and handy tips –

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How to clean car seats – a quick easy guide

Hoovering car seatOur car seats are probably the last thing we ever think about when it comes to giving our car a good clean. But our seats are what get used the most and come into contact with a lot of dirt over the years, so it’s important to keep them clean and maintained.

Before we give you our easy to follow guide on how to clean your car seats, it’s important you look in your manual or contact your local dealer for further instructions and advice – especially if the interior is leather or unique.

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How to clean your car with cheap ingredients from your home

Dirty car windowKeeping your car clean is extremely important if you want it to hold its value. A car that isn’t looked after will not sell very easily, and anyone looking to buy a used car will always expect an immaculately clean and tidy car. If yours isn’t, then there are plenty more cars out there for a prospective buyer to look at, and they may not waste their time on yours.

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How to clean the interior of your car

Wiping car steering wheelAre you looking to sell your car and you’d like the interior to be immaculately clean? Or are you giving the car it’s usual quarterly clean because you like to look after your prize possession?

Lots of people nowadays prefer to make life easy for themselves and pay for it to be professionally valeted, but if you’re not keen on letting someone else clean the inside of your car and you’d prefer to do it yourself, then it’s important you follow some straight forward rules to help clean it effectively.

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Pushy car salesmen – how to handle them!

Car salesmanWe’ve all experienced a pushy salesperson at one time or another. It may have been over the phone or in an electrical store. We even get people knocking on our door trying to sell us something these days – so there’s no hiding from them!

But the pushiest salespeople you are ever likely to come across are car salesmen. This isn’t always the case however, and there are some very nice and friendly car salesman out there, but they don’t tend to last very long and it’s the pushy ones who are usually the most successful. Which means we are all going to have to put up with it for a long time to come.

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Buying a car at auction – the pros and cons

Car auctionThe most popular way to buy a car is either privately, or through your local dealership or second hand garage. However, what everyone seems to forget is that a bargain can be found at auction, and you could be missing out on a great car for a much cheaper price!

But like anything in life there are always advantages and disadvantages, and it’s important to know what to look out for when considering buying from a car auction.

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Buying a car – the secrets of a car salesman revealed

Used car salesmanSo you’re thinking of buying a car and your local dealer is just around the corner, but you’re concerned that the salesman may be too pushy or even dishonest…?

Are they trying to make a lot of money out of you, and is profit their only concern? Should you take out finance, or is cash a better option? Should you negotiate the price down because they’re making too much money already?

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Natural cleaners: ditch the chemical cleaning solutions

Commercial cleaning products may work well to keep our houses shiny and gleaming, but they are not the nicest substances to be breathing in. Many are harmful if inhaled or touched, and aside from contributing to indoor air pollution, they are a danger to children who may swallow or spill them, or spray them in their … Read moreNatural cleaners: ditch the chemical cleaning solutions

Buying a used car – checking the condition

oldbangerBuying a used car can be a very daunting task because there are so many to choose from. You have to consider the colour, the engine, the price of road tax, the fuel consumption, and much more!

However, one of the most important considerations is the condition of the car. But what do you need to check and look out for? Well, we’re here to make that a lot easier by providing you with our simple guide on checking the condition of a used car.

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Common dating and relationship myths

Date gone badFinding the perfect partner is often a very difficult journey to undertake, and it could be for a number of reasons. For example, you may have only ever had very short relationships in the past, so you assume you are doing something wrong and that you’ll never find a lasting partner. You could be making the wrong choices along the way, and choosing the wrong type of person for you. Or it could be that you just don’t have the confidence to approach someone, or have a lack of confidence in yourself.

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Speed dating – the ultimate guide

Speed dating was invented in the late nineties, and was originally created by a gentleman called Rabbi Yaacov Deyo as a way to help single Jewish people to meet and eventually marry.

Promoted as a stress free relaxing way to meet new people and find love, this format of dating has now taken off all over the world, and has become increasingly popular among the dating community as a successful way of meeting new people and finding a relationship.

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How to write a great online dating profile

Meeting new people and searching for love can be very difficult, and going out on a Saturday night for a few drinks is not always the best way of meeting the man or woman of your dreams.

How many dates have you been on that don’t work out because you have different hobbies, different tastes in music, or even different opinions? They say opposites attract, but if you like to snowboard and your date prefers to watch TV, then you might not be right for each other.

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How to keep safe on a date – essential tips

Going on a date can be exciting, scary, nerve racking, potentially very sweaty, and lots of fun. But whether you’re just looking to meet up for a couple of hours and have a drink, or whether you’re going to a fancy restaurant out of town, it’s important to remember that your safety is paramount.

Most people think that going on a date is completely safe, and nothing can go wrong. However, things can go wrong and understanding the risks you are putting yourself through will make a huge difference.

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Fat burning foods – the natural way to losing weight

Burn FatFat burning supplements can be a great way to help lose weight, and combined with exercise and a balanced lifestyle supplements can give you that extra boost you need to burn that excess fat.

But taking supplements isn’t just the only way you can burn fat quicker, and we’re here to tell you how to burn fat through food and teach you how to make the right choices when planning out that all important eating regime.

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Which fat burners and diets really work?

slimmingBefore you embark on the latest fad diet or you’re considering buying those supplements that everyone’s been raving about, read this: our definitive guide to the fat burners, slimming supplements and diets that actually work – and those that simply don’t. We’ve divided this article into two sections, dealing with the supplements and products first, and diets later. We hope you find it useful in deciding which weight loss program would best work for you.

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How to tell if a man likes you – the definitive guide

Is there a man in your life that you really like but it’s impossible to tell if he feels the same? Or have you spotted someone across the dance floor and would like to know if you’ve caught his attention? Well, you wouldn’t be the first!

Lots of women around the world find it difficult to know when a guy is interested, and fortunately there are many ways to tell and most of them are a lot more obvious than you think!

Here is the definitive guide on how to tell if a man likes you…

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How to tell if a girl likes you – the definitive guide

Have you ever spotted an attractive girl across the dance floor and wondered if she likes you? Or is there someone special at work that you keep bumping into, and you’d like to know is she’s interested in you?

Trying to figure out if a girl likes you or not can be a nightmare, but there are lots of things to look out for. Take a look at our definitive guide below, and the next time you meet the girl of your dreams, you may not be so quick to pass up the opportunity that could be staring you right in the face!

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Dating tips for men – 10 common mistakes

So you’ve got a date and you’re looking forward to a great night out. You’ve ironed your shirt and polished your shoes. You’ve sprayed enough cologne to poison a small country, and your taxi has just landed. Nothing can go wrong can it?

Well, unless you’ve read through these common mistakes and how to avoid them, then it’s possible that the night could end in disaster. So get your notepad out and your reading glasses on, and worry no more…

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Cleaning tips: hacks to save you money

The UK alone spends over a billion pounds each year on cleaning products in the UK and sales get a massive boost around now as we all embark on spring cleaning projects. But cleaning products are pricey and there are lots of good cheap alternatives hanging around the house that do the job just as well. Read our cleaning hacks that will save you £££s on cleaning products and possibly put you off drinking cola for life, too:

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Top tips for attracting women

Are you struggling to find that special someone? There may be a number of reasons why the right person hasn’t yet come along, so don’t panic! By following these handy tips you should be all set for jumping right back into the dating pool.

So if you have a date coming up and you’re looking to impress, or if you have another night out planned and you’re on the prowl for that lucky lady; make sure you read through these great tips that may just make that difference you’ve been looking for!

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Cleaning tips: how to remove stains

Spilt something nasty on your carpet, down your clothes or on the sofa? Don’t worry – our A-Z guide to removing common stains from your clothes, furniture and carpets will keep your clothes and your home stain free and looking like new. General stain removal tips: Always use colour fast cloths or sponges to apply products, unless an applicator … Read moreCleaning tips: how to remove stains

Freelancing? Maybe it’s time to find your first office

Freelancing is synonymous with working from home and all the comforts that come with that: being able to work without distractions where, when and how you like – even if that’s in your pajamas tucked under the duvet. But most freelancers get to a point where they start to miss aspects of working in an … Read moreFreelancing? Maybe it’s time to find your first office

Wish you were here? Futuristic office spaces that we love.

When we think of office space, it might conjure up images of rows of cluttered desks, functional chairs, a coffee machine humming somewhere and the occasional potted plant miserably dying in the corner. But for some companies’ office space, this is far from the reality. Here are four of our favourite offices that clearly demonstrate … Read moreWish you were here? Futuristic office spaces that we love.

Location, location, location – where to set up your office

You’ve heard the expression ‘location, location, location’ when it comes to residential property, but businesses searching for a new office spot would do well to remember that their success also depends on being in the right place geographically.  Choosing the right location for your office is an important part of your growth strategy.  Naturally, every business … Read moreLocation, location, location – where to set up your office

Start up businesses: ways to save – and make – money

Smart businesses save and make money

So many people dream of being their own boss.  Working just a few hours a day, they’d spend most afternoons relaxing, playing with the kids, or having quality time with their partner.  But most start up business owners know the reality is quite different.  You’ll spend the first few months – if not years – scrimping, saving and slogging 90 hours a week to try and build your business.  When times are tough, every little really does help.  Here’s a whole load of ways you can save – and make – money for your start up business.

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The chain of command and gripes, as explained by Captain Miller

In management, specifically leadership, there’s a principle called the ‘chain of command’.  That principle holds that instruction comes down from more senior managers to middle/junior managers, and through to their teams.  Feedback on those instructions comes back up from the teams, through junior/middle management and on to the senior managers.

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When will Companies STOP putting PDF Print Forms on their Websites

Louise Scott, Managing Director at Tidalfire How much longer will we have to put up with companies – yes you know who you are –uploading PDF versions of print forms to their websites? This is slightly less annoying than the number of Word forms that we find on web sites. What has gone wrong here? Has Adobe failed … Read moreWhen will Companies STOP putting PDF Print Forms on their Websites

6 Ways to Add Value to Your Website and Increase Profit

Ryan Falconer, Managing Director of Ryster A few well-chosen tweaks can transform a website from a sitting duck into a money-making machine. Edinburgh web design specialist Ryster shows us how it’s done. Socialise and Shout it Out – Blogging and interacting on social media platforms not only increases profitability, it’s fun and can give you a lot of … Read more6 Ways to Add Value to Your Website and Increase Profit

Are you an apprentice millionaire?

Watt Nicoll How many references to time do we flippantly embrace in an average day? We talk about Summertime, Springtime, Good Times and Bad Times with no real emphasis on the word ‘time’ and could very well just refer to summer, spring, good or bad – but we add the word ‘time’. We have Breakfast Time, Lunchtime, Teatime, … Read moreAre you an apprentice millionaire?

Motivational theories – process theories

Following on from my post on motivational content theories, this post looks at process theories of motivation. This is a group of theories that attempt to explain how employees choose to act a certain way in order to meet their needs and determine whether their choices were successful.  The theories focus on the mental processes used to evaluate cause and effect relationships.

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How to Turn Your Website Visitors into Customers in 5 Easy Steps

Ryan Falconer, Managing Director of Ryster It’s not just religions that need converts – making a website pay is all about enticing the curious visitor into converting to an enthusiastic customer. Edinburgh web designer Ryster shows us how it’s done in 5 easy steps. Design to Delight – It’s simple but worth saying – make your site well organised and … Read moreHow to Turn Your Website Visitors into Customers in 5 Easy Steps

Pensions, and what you need to know

By Arthur Beverly of Arthur Beverly Financial Management Successive Governments have worked hard to encourage people to make adequate provision for retirement, because they know that State Benefits are simply inadequate. Because of this, the onus of providing for our retirement is being placed fairly and squarely on our own shoulders and that of our … Read morePensions, and what you need to know

Internet advertising

Internet advertising

Summary: Are you a newbie looking for the lowdown on internet advertising? Armed with a small budget and a little time, here’s how to make your website go further online.

When most small businesses turn to the internet with a small budget and high hopes for their website, it can be a bit daunting – where do you start?  There are so many kinds of internet advertising – should you buy banners?  Should you buy links?  What will get you the best results for the lowest possible cost?  Read on to explore a selection of the different internet advertising options…

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New Workplace Equality Rights Come into Force

By Gary Sutherland The biggest change to UK Employment Legislation in over decade comes into force today…..The new Equality Act. UK Equalities Minister Theresa May claims the new anti-discrimination rules will make it easier for businesses to comply but several business groups disagree, claiming the the new legislation will impose a heavy burden on employers, … Read moreNew Workplace Equality Rights Come into Force

Customer relationship management – acquiring, retaining and growing customers

Often the buying process is staggered – it’s not a one off process. Marketing is a lot more like dating followed by a long term relationship than it is a one night stand. People may visit your premises or website many times before they become a buyer and those that become long term buyers and are loyal, are often more valuable as well.

It’s therefore important to look at how you begin relationships with prospects and then move prospects through the various stages of a relationship.

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Quotations and Tenders: Introduction

By Gavin Tosh The process of establishing a contractual relationship begins with an offer being made, notwithstanding that there may have been much ‘cultivation’ of the customer and preparing of the ground beforehand. An Offer will take the form of a quotation, which could be simple and could even be verbal, or it could be … Read moreQuotations and Tenders: Introduction

Planning and conducting market research

Market research is about sensing what the reality is, out there in the big wide world, right now. It follows that without market research, any company enters the market with its eyes firmly shut. Market research should never be used as a security blanket after a decision has been made – it is here to deepen the understanding of the Value Line, for example the customer, competitors and channels, anticipate the changes in market requirements and eliminate poor decision alternatives.

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