Antique diamond cuts for wedding and engagement rings

Antique diamond cuts - wedding rings

There has been a recent rebirth in the desirableness of old cuts of stones. Traditional cuts such as cushion, asscher, rose and additional antique varieties of a round cut are available in present day jewellery inspired by the art deco era and carrying on the ever popular classic theme. These kind of cuts are being … Read moreAntique diamond cuts for wedding and engagement rings

Choose your perfect wedding day music

Looking for the perfect music for your wedding day? Check out our ideal wedding day playlist. You’ll notice quite a lot of covers in here – you can find these on Youtube and then use ‘Youtube to MP3‘ to convert them, if you can’t purchase the song. You’ll find loads of great versions of slightly too cheesy wedding songs on Youtube that sound much better when covered as an acoustic. Like this list? Please share it! 🙂

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How to get the perfect wedding dress

MoriLee-Bridal-Dresses-1964-0036Choosing a wedding dress is perhaps one of the most important decisions that the bride has to make during the wedding preparations. There is so much pressure that comes with this as ladies want to make sure that this is done right on one of the biggest day of their lives. To relieve some of this pressure, follow our experts’ advice and tips to ensure you come away with the perfect gown.

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Top 6 irresistible wedding transportation ideas

Wedding transport lamboThe fact that everybody else is choosing a limo as their wedding transport doesn’t mean that it’s the only option you have out there. In fact, you can surprise the crowds with something unique and special. A little bit of creativity is what you need to get to the chapel in style. And when you do that, people will remember your wedding in their lifetime.

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Wedding venue ideas

Fairytale wedding venueIf you’ve already decided that a church wedding isn’t for you but you’re not keen on the Registry Office, it’s time to consider what alternatives you have. Although every girl’s dream wedding is that fairytale castle, for most of us it’ll be well out of our price range. If you don’t want to spend a small fortune but you’d like someone a little bit more romantic than your local village hall, here are a few interesting and original ideas to inspire you.

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Planning a wedding: where to start

handsIf you’ve just sat down to plan the big day and you’re wondering if this is going to be a fun experience or a complete nightmare, let me assure you that it can be fun – if you let it. I planned my wedding in less than six months, it wasn’t stressful in the slightest and the day was magical. Here I’ll share my best tips for ensuring your big day goes smoothly and walk you through what you need to do, step by step.

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