Wedding hairstyles

This small but beautiful collection of wedding hairstyles are what we love right now – pretty pinned up curls, half-up-half-down styles, loose tousled waves, fairy princess headbands and soft natural styles. We hope they inspire you to find your own perfect wedding hair style for your big day.

Natural wedding hairstyle with floral headband

This is just my favourite wedding hairstyle right now – natural and gently wavy, with a beautiful band of real flowers to match the bridal bouquet. There’s a little bit of ‘festival girl’ to this look but it’s so pretty and natural, and it’ll still look lovely even if the curls loosen a little through the day.


This amazing wedding hair style looks like there’s not much to it, but you’ll need the help of a stylist to pull it off well. The look is dramatic but the gentle wisps of hair teased out give it a really soft natural feel.

Pinned up blonde hair

This is an absolutely stunning style perfect for the bride who wants to sweep all of her hair away from her face. It’s super dramatic and needs a stylist to put it together and fix it in place – with plenty of pins and hairspray! This look is perfect if you’ve got shorter hair too as it lends itself well to hair extensions.

Wedding hair up with flowers

This neat style carries the wedding flowers theme of roses and gypsophila right through to the hair.

Wedding hair up with headband

This natural wavy style is set off with a pretty pearl and crystal headband and matching earrings.

Wedding hair up with pinned rinWedding hair up with headband and ringlets

From the front, this gorgeous wedding hairstyle with neatly pinned curls looks as if it is completely pinned up…

Hair up with hair tail behind

…but from the back you can see the bride has a ponytail of wavy curls too.Hair down for wedding

From the back this stunning wedding hairstyle looks as if it is completely down. However, it is pinned up. If you don’t have the length for this, you can achieve this dramatic look for your wedding with hair extensions, and a little help from your hairdresser!

Wedding hair loosely tied up

This very simple natural style works so well with this bride’s hair, which is thick soft and shiny. Note how she has just a few subtle highlights which help define the style further.

Featured image source: The Bride to Be

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