If you’re doing any intense work outs, you’re putting your body under stress. The stress hormone cortisol, which is responsible for fat storage, is secreted in high amounts as a result. This hormone can cause your body to use muscle tissue for energy. This is where phosphatidylserine comes in – it blocks its secretion. This allows you … Read more

Advantages, limitations, and unique qualities

Advantages, limitations and unique qualities

Advantages, limitations and unique qualities (described in Isaksen, Dorval and Treffinger, 1994) is a simple, constructive evaluation technique to apply to any potentially interesting business ideas. It can also be used during idea generation to provoke more ideas and is a useful exercise in switching between mental ‘sets’. Select the idea you want to consider. … Read more

Valentine’s day flower ideas

Valentine's day flower ideas

Image source: Kira’s flowers. Now we’ve got Christmas out of the way, Valentine’s day is the next big event on the florist’s calendar. At Pat’s, we’re ready to help you select a beautiful flower bouquet for delivery in Jacksonville Florida. Giving flowers on Valentine’s day requires a little thought however – otherwise, they can feel … Read more

25 Fall wedding flowers ideas

Fall wedding flowers

If you’ve planned your wedding for the Fall, why not depart from the traditional white and pastel blooms, taking advantage of some of the stunning colours you can find this season? Here are 25 of my favourite Fall wedding flowers and wedding bouquet ideas. #1 Above source: #2 Above source: Pinterest #4 Above source: … Read more

Camera exposure

Over exposed camera

By Antony Obuya You can greatly improve your photography skills by understanding how exposure affects digital cameras. Exposure is simply the amount of light you let into the camera. Most digital cameras can sustain exposure error but only to a certain extent. If the exposure is too little, your photos will appear darker and if … Read more