Space cleaning in Feng Shui

Space clearing

For thousands of years sacred ceremonies have been performed to instil beneficial energy into living spaces. Forgotten ceremonies that once brought vitality to generations are now being used to bring peace in today’s homes and businesses with remarkable results. “The art and ceremony of space clearing has been practiced around the world since the beginning … Read more

Get turned on with Feng Shui lighting

Feng Shui

Whether you want to bathe a wall in light, angle on a particular painting or wash objects in a warm, golden glow, you can choose from a vast array of contemporary lighting to dramatically enhance your interior. Lighting is one of the most exciting elements of interior design, and one of the easiest Feng Shui … Read more

Fire Pits Add Beauty and Fun to Your Yard

Fire pit in ground

Your yard is a place where you enjoy hanging out with family and friends. Therefore, you want it to be a fun and bright space for entertaining, eating, and just having fun. When a classic barbecue has run its course and has become boring, you may want to try something new that keeps everyone engaged. … Read more

A quick guide to firepit safety

Fire pit in ground

If you love entertaining outside or simply want to keep your family warm during the evening, a fire pit is a great addition to the garden. These installations are becoming increasingly popular in the UK and there are a wide variety of different styles available including portable pits, designs you can fit safely on a … Read more