Camera exposure

Over exposed camera

By Antony Obuya You can greatly improve your photography skills by understanding how exposure affects digital cameras. Exposure is simply the amount of light you let into the camera. Most digital cameras can sustain exposure error but only to a certain extent. If the exposure is too little, your photos will appear darker and if … Read more

A quick guide to firepit safety

Fire pit in ground

If you love entertaining outside or simply want to keep your family warm during the evening, a fire pit is a great addition to the garden. These installations are becoming increasingly popular in the UK and there are a wide variety of different styles available including portable pits, designs you can fit safely on a … Read more

The 5 CV mistakes you need to avoid

CV mistakes

Making a mistake on your CV or cover letter, no matter how big or small, will likely result in rejection. No matter how highly qualified you are, it’s important to remember there will be other candidates with the same skills as you that have written an impeccable CV. The sheer amount of applications an employer … Read more