Quotations and Tenders: Introduction

By Gavin Tosh The process of establishing a contractual relationship begins with an offer being made, notwithstanding that there may have been much ‘cultivation’ of the customer and preparing of the ground beforehand. An Offer will take the form of a quotation, which could be simple and could even be verbal, or it could be … Read more


By Gavin Tosh A Partnership is one kind of formal contractual relationship often adopted by businesses, the other  common ones being a Limited Company and now a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP). It is possible to have a legal Partnership with nothing in writing, however this is a high risk strategy. For example if a partner … Read more

Forming the contractual relationship

By Gavin Tosh When is the contractual relationship in place? For a contract to be formed an offer must be accepted without qualification. If you make an offer and the customer comes back and says ‘ok but instead of x can I have x plus y’ or any aspect of the offer is varied, that … Read more

Just a habit

By Mark Lister Do you ever notice this happening with you? 1. You’re doing some task, one you’ve done plenty of times before. Someone says something like “Why don’t you do it this way?” or “Why don’t you do that?” 2. You find yourself thinking, “That’s clearly a good idea – why on earth DON’T … Read more

How many rabbits are you chasing?

By Jane Quinn A friend of mine told me he walked into a petrol station and was confused when asked if he would like two rabbits with his fuel. Frowning, he asked why and was told that a local girl was looking for a new home for her pets. Now the offer of rabbits made a little more … Read more