Do you really need a digital camera AND a smartphone?


By: Martin Carline

Whilst the ideal camera is the one you simply happen to have with you, smart phone cameras just do not have the professional capabilities of a full-sized digital camera. Almost everyone has a mobile or smartphone with a camera, and they normally carry their smartphone with them at all times, as the size and weight of a mobile device is very convenient.

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The top 40 fat burning tips of all time!

Ask anybody these days from a nutritionist to Richard Simmons to an average Joe from the street concerning dieting and you will receive the same reply: A good number of diet programs do not succeed! We won’t sugar coat things for you.

Yes, diets can give you the results you want if you get on the right program and genuinely persevere. But the majority of men and women going on diet programs fall short at least once prior to accomplishing his or her planned results.

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