Simple DIY Halloween decorations

Halloween is near! Could there be a better time to get creative? Create some spooky easy DIYs which can be done with the whole family!

Mini pumpkins for halloween

Mandarin Jack’o’lanterns 

Halloween doesn’t have to just be about eating unhealthy treats, you can make the healthy snacks fun too! Turn some Marinades into adorable little pumpkin faces, using a black sharpie. A fun DIY craft to do with the kids. They make a perfect table decoration and are also good to give out the the trick or treaters!

(Picture source: Pinterest)

Patterned pumpkins for halloween

Patterned pumpkins

If you’re not great at pumpkin carving this may be a great alternative to create some pretty pumpkins. Empty the pumpkin as usual and then use a drill to create stunning patterns. This is a very pretty way of pumpkin carving, but it has a really lovely effect! If you want to decorate them with flowers also, use red glow sticks inside the pumpkin instead of candles.

(Picture source: Pinterest)

Painted DIY halloween crafts stones

Cute Halloween stones

Another great way to decorate the table is to draw on smooth stones using different coloured sharpies. If you’re looking for some fun crafts to do with the kids this is a great option! You can draw whatever you like, cute Halloween cartoons are great or even some monster rocks with stuck on googley eyes.

(Picture source: Pinterest)

"Blood" candles for halloween DIY decorations

Creepy blood dripped candles

Blood dripped candles are a super easy DIY to create. All you need are some large white candles, or even some black candles. Then you need to let wax of a red candle dip onto the white ones. Aiming it to the edges so the dips can run down. This can get a little messy so make sure you have something to cover your surfaces. If you want to make them super creepy, you can even stick a few different sized nails into the side of them. Just be very careful around small children!

(Picture source: Pinterest)

Glowing lanterns for halloween

Glowing lanterns

These are a great simple DIY you can do with your kids. To make them they require some old jam jars, mod podge, tissue paper and some black paper. Cut your tissue paper into small shapes, cover your jar in mod podge and start sticking the pieces of tissue paper to the jar. You don’t want the tissue paper to be too thick as the candle light wont shine through. I personally think orange tissue paper looks the best for that lovely Halloween glow. Leave your lanterns as they are, or as an extra touch, cut out Halloween shapes in black card and stick them on top of the tissue paper. Leave them to dry fully before putting candles.

(Picture source: Pinterest)

Spiders web decorations for halloween

Scary spiders nest

These hanging spiders nests are a great Halloween decoration to hang from trees or even around the house. You will need a balloon, some thick white string and mod podge for this easy DIY. Start with the balloon and mixing water with some modge podge, to create a watery glue. Run the string through the glue and wrap it around the balloon. Once the glue has fully dried, pop the balloon and you are left with this round spiders nest. Add some fake spiders to the outside (or even inside) to finish this DIY off.

(Picture source: Pinterest)

Ghost pop halloween decorations DIY

Easy lollipop ghosts

A great little DIY for some treats. Wrap a couple layers of tissue around a lollipop and tie with some black and orange ribbon to give them those classic Halloween colours. To finish give your ghost a couple of eyes, drawing it on with a black sharpie. This is a great easy craft to do with your kids and nice to hand out to trick or treaters – to show you have put in that extra bit of effort just for them.

(Picture source: Pinterest)

Amazing ghost balloons for halloween

Witches balloon

Such a simple DIY. Wrapping some black mesh fabric around a large clear balloon has a really amazing effect. It’s really easy but gives a great spooky vibe. Finish with some black ribbon for the string of the balloon and you have some beautiful balloon decorations for around the house or even outdoors.

(Picture source: Pinterest)

All these pictures where sourced from Pinterest. A great place to find some spooky DIYs – these are a few of my favourites!

Originally published 6 Oct 2018.

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