Aperture in Digital Photography

By: Grace Wanja

aperture f numberThere are a number of aspects digital photographers need to learn something that prompted me to write a series of articles to help them know how to move from Auto mode and manually set exposure of the shots they make. I concentrated mainly on 3 elements of the exposure triangle i.e. Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO. Below you will learn details about Aperture.

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White balance in digital photography

By: Bryan Derek

whitebalanceWhite balance is a name directed at a system of color correction to cope with differing lighting conditions. Usually our eyes compensate with regard to different lighting conditions, but when taking a still having a digital camera the camera has to obtain the “white point” (the assumption that the white object must appear white) to fix other colors cast through the same light.

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Photography and the rule of thirds


By: Jen Wiss

The rule of thirds is a very old rule, first written down by John Thomas Smith in 1797. It is an important tool in photography and usually one of the first things you’ll learn on a photography course. Following it can help you take better photographs that have more interest, energy, tension and impact.

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