10 amazing tips on how to improve your office space

Are you looking to move offices soon? Or maybe you’d like to just make some improvements on your existing office space?

A cramped office is never going to inspire your employees to work hard and remain motivated, and in some cases, a cluttered office is going to be potentially dangerous if wires are left just to dangle in the walkways.

Here’s our top ten tips on how to utilise your office space and ensure your employees are not only safe, but are also working in a nice open and happy environment.

Smart storage

Although most offices now make great use of digital storage, you may find that you still have lots of old paperwork hanging around that’s just getting in the way. So instead of letting this take up unnecessary office space, why not consider having some shelves or cupboards installed.

Take the time to have all your paperwork boxed and sorted correctly, so they can be neatly stacked on a shelf or put away in a cupboard. This may seem like a time consuming task, but the space that could be created in the office may be worth the effort!

Tidy walkways

Not only is a cluttered walkway going to make it difficult for your employees to get around the office, it could also be a potential hazard! Keeping your walkways clear is going to be much easier once you have those shelves and storage cupboards installed.

Consider having some simple office rules that your employees can follow when it comes to ensuring the walkways are free of clutter and safe to use. For example, make sure there are coat stands for everyone to use, or even lockers for employees to put there bags.

Desk layout

The position of a keyboard and monitor makes all the difference when it comes to preventing your employees getting any kind of back pain from working long hours at their desk.

For example, make sure that the monitor is positioned in the centre of the desk at a nice eye level. Ideally you want to have the monitor about arms length away. Necks and backs can easily be strained if certain items are at an angle, like a keyboard or monitor.

Whiteboards within view

Any type of whiteboard or notice board should also be within eye level, so your employees don’t have to move from their desk to see important information.

A good example of this would be in a customer service environment, whereby the team has to constantly monitor their stats via a whiteboard or electronic display. The positioning of this information must be easy for all the relevant staff to see.

Create a reception area

A nice, bright welcoming area for your clients creates a great first impression. So rather than leaving them hanging around near the door looking a little awkward, why not create a reception lounge with comfy seating, reading material, and a coffee machine.

This reception area is also ideal for any potential candidates who are waiting for an interview. You can never make a second first impression, and any company would do well to impress a potential future employee, as well as a client.

The right temperature

Is your office too warm, or maybe even too cold? Not sure? Well, why don’t you get a thermometer installed and find out! Some people’s opinions vary on what is deemed as an appropriate room temperature, but the recommended is around 21 degrees Celsius.

An employee who is too hot or too cold is a grumpy employee, who will not be able to work to their full potential. It’s also very important not to assume that just because you feel that the room is just right, that everyone else will. Asking everyone how they feel with the current temperature is the only way to truly know if you are doing the right thing.

Plenty of space

The standard space that an employee should have behind their desk is 1.5m. This allows plenty of room for getting in and out of a chair, without having to bump into anything or anyone.

Also, allowing plenty of space between desks makes for a much better atmosphere, as nobody wants to feel claustrophobic. Although your workforce may be spending most of their time at their desk, it’s important to allow freedom of movement for toilet, coffee and lunch breaks.

Not sure how much space you need? Try our office space calculator!

Tidy wires

Keeping your wires tidy is an absolute must when it comes to safety! Not only does the office look extremely messy when there are wires all over the place; wires are also one of the biggest hazards in an office, and can easily be tripped up over. Tripping over a wire may also result in computer damage or the loss of live information if something is instantly switched off.

Inspire with colour

Different colours will inspire different moods. For example, the colour green promotes a very calming feeling; whilst the colour blue can create open-mindedness. Choosing the right colour for your office is essential if you want to get the best out of your employees.

But why stop there? You may even want to consider certain colours for certain rooms. For example, yellow has proven to be quite an inspiring colour, so you may want to apply this to a meeting room. Whereas the calming effects of green might be perfect for your dining room.

Make room and declutter

If you’re planning on moving to a new office, it’s essential you declutter and throw away anything you don’t need. Clutter has a detrimental effect on employee performance, so it’s important to keep a tidy office space.

Even if you aren’t looking to move to a new office, then it’s still important to ensure clutter is kept to a minimum, or even completely eradicated. A cluttered untidy office also sets a bad example to the employees, who may continue to add to the mess.

Above all else, a bright and clean office space will always get you better results!

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