Download a free cleaning schedule for your house

If you find it difficult to keep on top of all the chores around the house and you’d like some help to remember what needs doing, then here’s our handy template that you can print off and use. It’s completely free to download and covers all the important rooms in your home.

Our template has a column detailing all the rooms and the chores that need doing, as well as a list of week numbers and specific dates to help you plan ahead and ensure nothing’s missed. Another great feature of our template is a column allowing you to add a name next to each chore. This allows you to divide up the tasks between your family or housemates and spread the load.

Our cleaning schedule is extremely effective at ensuring the house stays neat, clean and tidy. Especially if you have younger children or teenagers in the house that struggle to help and keep on top of the chores. As a parent or guardian, you will no longer have to keep reminding them what needs to be done, and they too can read and use the template to help around the house.

If we haven’t managed to list all of the household chores on the template and you’d like to change, add or amend anything, then feel free to do so by downloading our excel version right here.

You’ll also notice that there is a space underneath the days of the week which will allow you to enter the dates. You can either hand write this in yourself, or plot the dates on the excel spreadsheet before you print.

In the example above, you’ll see that within the boxes we’ve used dashes for chores still to be done, and crosses for chores that have been completed. This is a great way of keeping the cleaning schedule up to date, and if anything is missed then it’s easy to spot.

If you’re a professional cleaner or considering starting up a cleaning business to make some money, you might find this schedule useful for agreeing with new clients what they would like to be done and when.

Ready to get started? Why not check out our tips on how to speed clean your house first?

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