The top eight places to go on a first date

Deciding where to go and what to do on a first date can be tough, and it’s hard to make a great first impression if you choose the wrong place or activity.

Most people think that going on a date to the cinema or for a romantic meal makes for the perfect first date. However, we would disagree and places like this can sometimes make for awkward conversation – or no conversation at all!

You need to find that balance that allows you to be comfortable with each other, and to have lots of fun. If you can surround yourself with a relaxing environment, then conversation should come easy and you’ll get to know each other a lot better.

First dates can be scary enough without having the added pressure of awkward silences and a very disgruntled person sat across from you. So although you may already have the perfect venue lined up for your first date, you should re-think your options and make sure it’s the right place.

Here is a list of ten places to consider going on a first date:


Bowling is a great idea if you’re looking for a casual dating venue where you can both enjoy a beer and a burger. It’s isn’t meant to be romantic but instead it gives you both the chance to have fun together and to relax in a no frills environment.

Conversation can be difficult if you’re in a very quiet setting like a restaurant, so if you take your date bowling then you have some nice background noise to make things easier, and you’ll be chatting and getting to know each other in no time.

Sea life centre or the zoo

Visiting your local aquarium or zoo gives you both the chance to have a lot of fun and get to know each other.

Couple at the zooThe worst part about a date is worrying whether or not you’ll get along and have no awkward silences, so having lots of amazing fish or animals to look at makes you both feel more relaxed with each other, as there are plenty of things to look at.

Your date should be pleasantly surprised when you take them to one of these places, as it shows you like to do something different and explore new things. Overall you can’t fail to have a lot of fun, and it’s a sure fire way of getting yourself a second date!


WalkingThis may not sound like a very good idea and could seem boring, but if you’re in the middle of summer and the sun is shining – then why not!

If you both enjoy the sun and like to take in the sites of a picturesque village or some open fields, then a nice summers walk could be just what you both need. If you know that your date likes the outdoors, then this could be the perfect opportunity to have some privacy and get to know each other.

It’s important that you make sure your date knows where you’re going and what you’re doing, so they can wear appropriate clothes and footwear.

This also costs absolutely nothing, and you avoid any awkward ‘who pays the bill?’ moments.

Pub or bar

Couple at barThis is a great place to start if you want to get to know each other better. Having a few drinks at the bar around other patrons is the perfect place to feel relaxed and at ease with each other.

If things get a little more intimate as the night goes on, why not consider moving to a nice comfy sofa at the back of the room where you can get a little closer to each other.

It’s important to find a pub or bar that’s going to be fairly busy and has a great atmosphere. Background noise and a good atmosphere make it much easier for you to both relax. On the other hand, avoid anywhere that’s too busy as it could spoil your date.


Music festivalConsider taking your date to a gig or festival. A live show is always a lot of fun, and it both gives you the chance to share a great experience.

It’s important however to make sure you know what music they like, as you don’t want them to be bored throughout the gig. Trying to find a band or artist that you both like is equally as important as you need to enjoy yourself too!

Ideally you may want to consider going for a drink afterwards as you may not get the chance to talk to each other if you’re in a quiet theatre or at a loud gig. You’ll certainly both have something to talk about, and it gives you a chance to get a little more intimate if you wish.

Sight seeing

Sight seeingIf you live near to some great tourist attractions, then why not take advantage and go see them together. Similar to walking or going to the zoo, taking your date on a tour of your town or city could be a great way to spend the day.

Again, it’s all about having fun together and making it as easy as possible for you to both get along and talk when you feel like it. Awkward silences can easily happen when you’re sat across from each other in a quiet restaurant, so if you’re busy walking out and about taking in the sights, then you don’t have to focus on talking all the time and filling those silent spaces.

Comedy club

Comedy clubA first date should be all about having fun, and there’s no better way to do that than visiting your local comedy club.

All comedy clubs have breaks between acts, and this gives you the chance to talk and get to know each other. There’s always a bar as well so you can both relax and have a few drinks.

Be careful though not to take your date to see someone who’s controversial and likely to offend, as this could guarantee the end to a second date. Make sure you plan ahead and discuss the comedians that will be performing, to make sure you will both enjoy the evening.

Whatever you do don’t heckle the act; otherwise you’ll be made to look a fool in front of your date. Leave it to the professionals, and don’t let the alcohol spur you on to thinking you can be as funny as them.

Also, it might not be a good idea to sit near the front in case you get picked on by the comedian. As soon as they know you’re on a first date then you’re both in for some stick, and are likely to be the main focus of the act for at least a few minutes.

So if you’re date is shy, then it might be a good idea to sit in the middle or further back out of the way, so you can sit and enjoy the evening without being the centre of the whole room’s attention.

Date with friends

Drinking with friendsThis may seem like a ridiculous idea, and although it’s not exactly a date, it could be just what you both need to take things a little further.

If you’re both really shy and are too nervous to ask each other out on a date, or just find the whole first date idea way too scary, then this could be the perfect way to enjoy a night out in each others company.

So rather than making each other uncomfortable by going to a restaurant on an official date, why not arrange to meet each other on a night out when you are both with your friends. That way you can be around people you know and feel more at ease.

And you never know, at the end of the night you could both be dirty dancing!

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