Earrings for every face shape

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Selecting the perfect pair of earrings that flatter your facial features isn’t something I’ve considered at length — but it makes sense why certain styles sit forever in my jewelry armoire while others get constant wear.

Purchasing jewelry is, for the most part, made according to personal preferences and individual style. But matching shapes to shapes — or against shapes, rather — has an aesthetic appeal as well. The following tips on how to wear earrings for your face shape might help you select (and purchase!) earrings that not only look good in concept, but also while framing your face.

The most common face shapes are: round, oval, heart, square, long, diamond and triangular.

For your round face

If you consider yourself round, choose earrings that elongate and provide a bit of angle to your face. Drop earrings, as well as square and rectangular earrings, are your best matches. Avoid hoop earrings and chunky oversized pieces that further perpetuate the circle theme.

Star drop earrings

Above: Star pull through earrings by ThreaderEarrings.co.uk.

Earrings for ovals

You officially have the best shape! But seriously… Most earring styles will look good set next to your face, but you may want to avoid incredibly long-and-thin earrings that might OVER elongate your face.

Heart-shaped faces

If you have a heart-shaped face, opt for earrings that are wider at the bottom — or have a gradual incline: chandeliers, teardrop earrings or triangle pieces that start at a point will look very pretty on you. Avoid heart-shaped or really short earrings.

Teardrop earrings

Above: Teardrop earrings from ThreaderEarrings.co.uk

Earrings for squares

If your mirror reflects back a square face, select earrings that have smooth cuts (staying away from harsh angles), such as hoops or a pair that has soft, curved edges.

Hot diamonds

Above: Hot diamonds huggie hoops from John Lewis

Earrings for really long faces

Why the long face?! No worries, there ARE earrings for you — even if your face is long and thin. You will need to add some fullness by choosing something three-dimensional or earrings that are either round, square or triangular, but that point upward. Studs are also a great option (and luckily, so plentiful and outfit diverse!).

Earrings for diamond-shaped faces

Is your face shaped like a diamond? Go for earrings that keep a straight line. Short and wide earrings make for the best match — studs and tassel earrings will suit your shape perfectly.

Earrings for triangular faces

It seems redundant to say: don’t wear the same shape earring as your face. But ESPECIALLY so with triangular faces. Women with this shape of face should opt for earrings that will soften their sharp angles, not enhance them. Try small circular button earrings or large oval pieces.

Have you ever thought about the correlation between earrings style and the shape of your face? Which do you think best suits you?

Originally written by M Urick for spoilmefashion.com

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