Motherhood Mantras

So motherhood is a roller coaster of emotions. Sometimes you want nothing more to get off the frickin’ ride. If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time muttering things under your breath when the frustration gets the best of you. Some of these things are not worth mentioning, so I’ll just keep those to myself to use in the privacy of my own home or at Target. But some utterances are positive at times as in, yes, I self-encourage. So here is a list of some of my favorite Motherhood Mantras that I use on quite a regular basis. If no one is around to pump me up, I’ve gotta do it myself.

You are enough! As in yes, I am enough of a mother, a caretaker, a wife. Sometimes, especially when things go awry, I tend to forget that I am enough. What I am doing is my best, and sometimes that still won’t work. But that isn’t a reflection of my parenting.

We are all doing out best! This comes in handy when I see another mother doing something I wouldn’t necessarily do. I do not take part in mother-bashing or judgements. But I would be lying if I said that when I see someone doing something I wouldn’t do, I don’t consciously think about how I would not parent that way. Honesty alert: WE ALL DO THIS. But it’s how we react to those thoughts that takes us above the mommy wars. Whenever I see a mom struggling or even doing something I wouldn’t do for my child, I remind myself that every mother (with the exception of some crazies out there) is doing to best she can for her situation and her children.

Tomorrow is a new day! So I didn’t succeed at something today? Guess what, I can try again tomorrow. Sometimes a night’s rest is all I need to tackle as task again. This one especially comes in handy when I just don’t feel like picking up the playroom in the evening. Tomorrow is a new day, and he’ll be wrecking the playroom again.

This is the life I prayed for! I have uttered this a lot since I became a SAHM especially. No matter how much I prayed and hoped to become a SAHM, it is still challenging some days. I love this mom life more than I ever thought I could, but I still have days when I lock myself in my room after Daddy gets home from work. That’s okay. It’s okay not to beam with gratitude and contentedness every second of every day.

I need a break! This is more something I yell at my husband through the screams of an unhappy toddler. But really I need to take a break for my own mental health, and I don’t need to feel bad about it. I have a really hard time feeling guilty every moment I’m choosing not to spend with my son. Like how could you make someone else watch your son while you do something for yourself?!? News flash: It has to happen. You can’t continue the mom life without breaks in between. Don’t fall for the lie that makes you selfish for taking a rest. Sometimes that rest comes in the form of time spent with your spouse, but that’s just as important as self-care.

My child still loves me. Because no matter how good the Pinterest project comes out or how funky my funk is one day, my child still loves me. He still adores me no matter how much I feel like I’m failing at times. As long as I love him (which will be a constant in my life), he will love me back. Am I showing my love to him in what I say and do? That’s the bottom line in this parenting thing.

I hope that if you’re ever down and out like most mothers get at times, you remind yourself of some of these things. If you have your own mantras, leave them in the comments below so other mothers can benefit.

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