Free wedding planner pack

Free wedding planner pack

Worried bride to beIf you’ve decided to plan your wedding yourself, you might be feeling a little daunted by the whole task, and perhaps you’ve started looking around for some guides or check lists to help you. Look no further! Our free wedding planning pack will make the task of planning your wedding a whole lot easier.

What does the free wedding planner pack include?

In the pack, you’ll find sheets that you can print out and fill in to help guide you through the process of planning your wedding. These include:

  1. Wedding checklist – there is a lot to plan and organise on the run up to the big day, but when is the right time to book a photographer, or order your cake? Our wedding checklist gives you a timeline to work with, assuming you have at least 12 months to plan your big day. If you’ve got less time, you’ll still need to tick off all the tasks but you’ll have to work a little faster!
  2. Date and venue planning sheet – if you’ve not yet picked a venue, this sheet will help you keep track of those you’ve viewed and which you’d like to shortlist, as well as potential wedding dates. You’ll need to run the dates past the Registrar or Church as well as your chosen venues for the meal and evening do, as well as the people that you really want to be at the wedding, so it can be quite a tricky process and one of the first things you should finalise! (click here to view some great wedding venue ideas)
  3. Budget planning sheet – weddings are all about needs and wants – this sheet is designed to help you decide what’s really essential and how much you and your partner can really afford to spend. You might find yourself printing this one out a few times…
  4. Guest list – use as many sheets as you need to track who you want to invite and to which part of your wedding. Again, we’re guessing you might end up printing this a few times before you’re happy with your final list!
  5. Suppliers and contacts – you’ll find there’s a lot of people involved with planning a wedding and this planning sheet is designed to help you keep all your contacts in one place.
  6. Theme planning sheet – if you haven’t yet picked a theme, this planning sheet gives you some ideas as well as giving you some space to include your own and shortlist them.
  7. Decoration and ceremony planning sheet – one of the most fun parts of planning any wedding, this sheet will help you plan out the decorations for your venue with lots of prompts to help you think about what you would like your big day to look – and sound – like! (click here to view some great ideas for wedding table centrepieces)

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Download your free wedding planner pack:

You can choose to download individual sheets or download the whole pack as a ZIP folder (if you don’t have software to unpack this, we recommend 77Zip which is completely free).

Individual sheets:

  1. Wedding checklist (PDF)
  2. Date and venue planning sheet
  3. Budget planning sheet (PDF)
  4. Guest list (PDF)
  5. Suppliers and contacts planning sheet (PDF)
  6. Theme planning sheet (PDF)
  7. Decoration and ceremony planning sheet (PDF)

ZIP of all sheets:

We hope that you find this free wedding planner pack useful – if so, please say thanks by liking and sharing this page!

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