Losing Weight: Cockiness or Certainty?

I would bet that less than 10% of people who start any weight loss program, reach their goals and/or finish their challenge.

But most go into a diet, program or challenge with energy, enthusiasm. “I’m gonna do it! Nothing can stop me!” they boast.

They set their intentions, plan and make their meals, get into the gym, lift the weights, and do the cardio.

This lasts a few days. Then a meal is skipped because a friend has a birthday. Or the person is just to tired today . . . they will make up the workout tomorrow. These tiny hiccups permanently throw them off-track.

A friend of mine did a challenge several years ago, started, completed and experienced phenomenal results. This lasted about a year. Then for 4-5 years, that friend fell off-track.

It was so difficult to watch him struggle. He played so many mind games. Held dear so many excuses.

Then he tried to get back on track — time after time after time.

Each time there would be a big buildup. He would hit rock-bottom, realize he needed a change, make up his mind, spend a few days really binging hard, knowing he would be getting back on track . . . “tomorrow,” or Monday, or next Sunday.

He was cocky.

He knew his body and mind had the power to commit and to make the change. But he was speaking from ego instead of from his heart.

I would also bet that 100% of people who fail on diets, programs or challenges came from ego instead of coming from heart. AND, 100% of people who succeed come from heart, gratitude and love.

Two weeks ago, my friend didn’t hit rock bottom. He didn’t have a few days to binge before he started because he knew he would follow his meal plan all week, and he could have what he wanted for his free meal, which was just a few days down the road.

He started THAT DAY.

Planning his meals is no big deal. He just does it.

Weight training is flowing. He gets into the gym and is surprised by how quickly his weights are moving up.

He is enjoying more energy, feeling better. His food is providing his body the fuel needed to make explosive gains (his goal). His high intensity workouts are giving him lasting energy that has allowed him to kick his coffee habit.

He even had a birthday and waited until the next cheat day to celebrate.

This time, he is not cocky. This time he has certainty.

What’s the difference? He found his heart.

It’s easy to hear what your ego is saying about the shape you are in.

What is your heart saying?

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