What’s YOUR Reason to lose weight?

Did you notice that one theme on The Biggest Loser was how important it is to identify your reason to lose weight?

There are many reasons to lose weight, as I was reminded last night. During the competition, people at the ranch definitely were in it for their families. Having a toddler myself, I found it hard to believe that Heather and Bobby both are spending WEEKS away from their children, missing significant milestones in their children’s lives so that they could compete to be The Biggest Loser. Why are they willing to be away from their families?

Watching the tear-jerking videophone scenes, it became obvious. Their families ARE the reason they want to be The Biggest Loser.

As new teams were formed, competitors found new fire . . . new reasons to stay inspired and motivated. Some got stronger because they didn’t want to let their new teammate down. Others had that competitive spirit and didn’t want another team to beat them.

In the end, despite a week that was totally turned upside-down, most “Losers” tapped in to new and important reasons to lose weight, compete with a vengeance, and go the distance.

What is YOUR reason?

The desire to lose weight is a great reason to get started. And it will likely last a few weeks.

But if you are in your third or fourth week of any health program, you may find yourself needing some extra motivation. To endure 12 or more weeks of an intense new program . . . to transform your LIFE . . . you’ve got to have a bigger reason embedded into your brain.

  • Maybe you are losing weight so that you can keep up with your active children?
  • Are you getting into shape so that you can be a part of their lives for a long, long time?
  • Maybe you have a reunion next year and really want to knock them out?
  • Or are you trying once again to find that powerful person you’ve tucked away for too many years?

There is a reason deep within your soul that will help you make the change. When you find it, you will have far greater endurance, you will be able to go the distance, you will reach any goal you set for yourself.

Figure out your reason. That reason that brings a tear to your eye or makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up.

When you do, write it down a hundred times and put it up everywhere you spend your time throughout the day. On your bathroom mirror, in your car, on the fridge, on the ceiling above your bed.

Remember your reason and go for it…

You’ve come this far. You CAN do this, too! I believe in you.

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