Charming shabby chic halloween decorations

Charming shabby chic halloween decorations

Love going all out for Halloween when it comes to decorating, but I don’t personally like the look of the cheap tacky decorations you can buy from stores? Shabby chic Halloween decorations are perfect! They have that decrepit vibe to them (which is perfect for Halloween) but also look like you have spent a lot more money on your decorations- when in reality they are pretty similar prices to the decorations you find in store.

Shabby chic hessian linen pumpkin banner

This lovely pumpkin banner would be perfect to hang above a window or even just on the wall to show a nice touch of Halloween spirit. The printed material has that aged vintage look to it. A perfect decoration if your looking to keep things looking spooky, but nothing that’s going to scare the kids. A lovely piece that would go with any Halloween theme.

Handmade Halloween shabby chic wooden sign

A delightful handmade wooden Halloween sign that would be perfect to hang on your door to share your enthusiasm for Halloween. The orange mix with black has the perfect Autumnal creepy feeling. I love the different expressions on each of the pumpkins faces. A very playful piece to show your fun spirit.

Authentic witches brew shabby chic Halloween plaque

I love the authentic feel to this beautiful Shabby chic witches plaque. The colours are subtle enough to hang in any room of the house, I feel this would great in a kitchen! As that is where all the witches will be preparing their yummy treats.

Wooden sugar skull table confetti

For a little extra touch to any Halloween decorations, these wooden sugar skull confetti‘s would look great! Scatted around the table where all your lovely treats are arranged. If your having a party, these are a must have to even give your furniture that spooky touch!

Rustic style wooden apple ornament with silver leaf detail

This gorgeous wooden apple table ornament isn’t exactly spooky, but would fit with any Halloween theme perfectly! Next to a lovely plate full of spooky sticky toffee apples. If you wanted you could leave it up all year round.

Wooden free-standing Halloween pumpkin with lights

Of course a classic pumpkin is the best Halloween decoration. If your one of those people that isn’t a fan of the messiness of pumpkin carving, this is a great alternative! This wooden Halloween pumpkin would be great as a decoration around the house or you could place it in the window to let the trick or treaters know to come get their yummy treats!

Throw Halloween witch cotton cushion coverĀ 

This lovely witch cotton cushion cover is a perfect additional touch to your Halloween decorating. If your having a party these cushion covers would be great scattered around the seating areas. They are so affordable too! And come in a number of different styles, so you could switch each cushion up for each seat.

Halloween countdown chalkboard

This rustic countdown pumpkin chalkboard decoration is perfect to fit with your Halloween decorations. If you are a huge Halloween enthusiast like me, this is one decoration you cant miss out on. Counting days down to Halloween is more exciting then counting down to Christmas for me!

Artificial Autumn vines

You cant go wrong with some classic Autumnal vines to add as a finishing touch to any area of your house. They give that creepy forest look, especially if you had a lot of them hanging and wrapping around items, all around the house. I personally would keep these up all year because of the beautiful orange and brown shades throughout each leaf.

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