How to get the perfect wedding dress

How to get the perfect wedding dress

MoriLee-Bridal-Dresses-1964-0036Choosing a wedding dress is perhaps one of the most important decisions that the bride has to make during the wedding preparations. There is so much pressure that comes with this as ladies want to make sure that this is done right on one of the biggest day of their lives. To relieve some of this pressure, follow our experts’ advice and tips to ensure you come away with the perfect gown.

Tip #1: Always go shopping during the morning hours

When scheduling the wedding dress appointments, avoid afternoons and instead opt for the morning hours. This is because your mind is fresh during the morning and you will also have to deal with friendly staff who have not yet handled many brides before you. The store will most likely be less crowded which means that you get full attention which can help you make a better choice.

Choosing a wedding dress

Tip #2: Focus on getting the perfect silhouette

While details are important, we highly recommended that you work on getting the perfect silhouette for you as this can make a great different between a normal dress and a great one. This should be something that suits both your body shape and personal style in the best way possible. To look your best, naturally you need to get something that flatters your body in an incredible way. Here is a fantastic guide by

Wedding dress silhouettes

…and here’s a fab video featuring bridal fashion designer, wedding planner and host of My Fair Wedding David Tutera which talks a bit more about wedding dress shapes and which will work best for you:

Tip #3: Choose a neckline that flatters you

Although you might have a good idea in your mind of the dresses you think look great, that’s probably based on what they look like on other people. Different necklines flatter different body shapes and it’s important to pick the one that best suits you. Here is another guide from on the different neckline styles:

Wedding dress necklines

So which is the right wedding dress neckline for you? Even within each figure type, every woman has her own special characteristics she’d like to reveal or conceal on her wedding day.


Accentuated by

Minimised by

Taller than average Deep v-necks, deep square, Queen Anne, some halters Bateau, jewel, and wide portraits
Shorter than average Straight-necked strapless, off-the-shoulder Queen Anne, deep v-neck, and deep scoops
Long neck Queen Anne, scoop, square, sweetheart Jewel, bateau
Round face Jewel, bateau, high square, high-necked collars Narrow v-neck, Queen Anne, deep square, sweetheart
Heavy upper arms Halter, off-the-shoulder, one-shouldered Portrait, scoop, v-necked

These guidelines can also fit figure features not described in it by switching the advice. For example, a bride with slim arms could accentuate them with the same necklines that de-emphasize heavier arms.

Tip #4: Pick a design that flatters you

Most brides are normally swayed by trends when looking for the wedding gown of their dreams. This should not be top of your list – it is better to look for something that suits your body shape and individual style, and consider a classic look that will stand the test of time if your wedding is a year or two away. Rather than going for the latest fad, try and get a gown that combines elements that make you look good and also feel good about yourself. This way, you will be comfortable wearing the dress and flaunting it around as you celebrate one of the most important occasions in your life.

Need more help choosing the right style for your body type? Watch this video:

Tip #4: Try on different wedding gowns

Do not just go out shopping with your eyes! It helps to try on as many dresses as you can. This helps you know how each of them looks, as each dress normally takes a different look and shape once it is on the body. This however does not mean that you should try on all thousand dresses or more in a store – naturally you’re going to  choose the ones that capture your eyes and heart – but be open to trying things that you wouldn’t think would suit you as you may be surprised.


Tip #5: Go shopping with a friend

One or two friends whom you can trust make a great entourage when it comes to shopping for the wedding dress as they can help you make a great decision. This however does not meant that you should carry along your whole clan to the shop as this can be quite overwhelming with people airing out their opinions and you may end up getting something that you do not even like to please the masses. Also, you’ve seen Bridesmaids, right?

Funny scene in bridesmaids

Tip #6: Don’t rule out bridesmaids’ dresses

Elegant white evening gownThe average wedding dress cost in the UK is around £1.3k, and the average wedding these days costs around £18,000.

If you’re shopping on a budget and you want to make your money go further, check out the bridesmaids’ dresses. These can often be done in white or ivory and the simple elegant designs are not only appealing but well in keeping with current trends.

It’s also worth looking at white evening gowns like the one on the right which would double as a beautiful wedding dress and could be worn after the big day.

Tip #7: Don’t try shopping for bridesmaids’ dresses at the same time

Believe us when we say that shopping for the wedding dress alone is enough work! Besides that, if you go shopping for your bridesmaids on the same day, you’ll have to bring them all along and not only can this mean too big a crowd, but they also might not be the same people you want with you to advise you on your wedding dress. It’s best to keep this task separate and schedule it in for another day where they can be the centre of attention.

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