Fashion, Clothes & Feng Shui

The shades and shapes that are “in” influence everybody.

Clothes wear us – we don’t wear them – and they affect how we feel and behave. If you are wearing a tight suit you won’t be able to flop down on a sofa in the way you would if you were wearing jeans and a sweater. Where and how we keep our clothes, and what we choose to wear can have a subtle influence on our lives.

  • Keeping your clothes in a separate dressing room will mean it is easier to keep your bedroom fresh and tidy. While you are sleeping you are healing so your bedroom should be clutter free. Your last and first waking thoughts will then be restful rather than “I must put those things away”. Otherwise you will create immediate stress that is debilitating to your health. If you wake up feeling happy with your clutter free environment, over a long period of time it will gradually strengthen your health by promoting more restful sleep and waking moments.
  • Less is more, so if you have a special occasion rather than fill your wardrobes with something that you will only wear once in a blue moon. It might be an idea to hire that hat or outfit. This also applies to ball gowns and extravagant clothes that you would wear infrequently.
  • If you want to stop working so hard and concentrate on other facets of your life, wear floppier clothes and longer lengths. This will make you more relaxed and undisciplined. It is not by chance that we wear casual clothes at the weekend when we are resting or spending money and wear more formal clothes like suits during the week when we are earning. If you work in a job that doesn’t allow you to dress casually, you could just add a scarf or a humorous tie.
  • If you want to make a lot of money and be more organised, wear a suit. When we are dressed this way our body movements become more controlled, upright and efficient which in turn makes our minds more efficient.
  • If you are a girl and want to influence people and attract money, wear a midi skirt – not that short but on the knee or a couple of inches above.

How shoes affect our lives

  • Kitten heels are difficult to keep your balance in. They are low so they indicate insecurity and weakening of the economy.
  • Square toed shoes are balanced and more powerful because they give our feet plenty of room. They indicate a time of commercial growth and confidence.
  • Shoes with pointed toes pressurise and squeeze the feet. They represent lack of movement and a conservative, rigid and controlled aspect. It is not a good sign for the economy when they are in style.
  • Stiletto heels are sexy, provocative and a bit daring. They are a good sign for the economy but indicate that the pinnacle of the market is near.
  • Platform shoes mean a time of plenty and growth in a steady, safe fashion. But they also suggest that we have nearly reached the top of the market.
  • When there are no set styles then people have lost their way, there are any different levels of society and many different things going on. This indicates a certain breakdown in society.

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