Top 6 irresistible wedding transportation ideas

Top 6 irresistible wedding transportation ideas

Wedding transport lamboThe fact that everybody else is choosing a limo as their wedding transport doesn’t mean that it’s the only option you have out there. In fact, you can surprise the crowds with something unique and special. A little bit of creativity is what you need to get to the chapel in style. And when you do that, people will remember your wedding in their lifetime.

Your bridal party and guests matter too. Lifting and transporting them in style to the wedding destination and back is something you should invest in. But it doesn’t have to be a costly venture since an idea is what you need. So, what are some of the wedding transportation ideas to consider?

1. A sports car will do the perfect job!

Wedding lamboAbove: Wedding Lamborghini by

Looking for a gorgeous way to arrive at the party? A good sports car will make you arrive with a bang! Sports cars really have a way of announcing your arrival in a very special way. A Lambo will definitely catch the attention of the crow no matter what. These cars come in a variety of colors, such as red, yellow, or black to compliment your wedding theme. That’s something to consider when hiring.

Also remember that you’ll need some tact or skill to climb down lower rides especially when wearing a long dress. Do some practice on that so that you don’t disappoint yourself on your big day.

2 Horse and Carriage

Wedding horse and carraige

Above: Wedding horse and carraige by

If you don’t want the modern style of doing things, you can go the fairy tale way, by hiring a horse and carriage to transport you and your honored guests. The good thing is that they come with buggies that can accommodate up to 6 passengers at one go.

3 Airlift

Wedding helicopter

Above: Wedding helicopter by

A chartered helicopter will definitely make people buzz when you make your ultimate exit. The sound of a rambling helicopter is something people can’t ignore, plus it creates a sense of taste and pride. A standard chopper will carry up to 6 passengers. So if you’re going to be airlifted to your reception, consider the amount of space available. Also, consider the local laws that govern flying in those areas.

4 Party Buses

Wedding party bus

Above: Wedding party bus by

They let guests have a blast even before reaching the reception. One bus can accommodate up to 40 passengers. During the ride, guests can enjoy live bar, music and lights. Drinks are served on-board, so be sure to check if the company is licensed by the local county. There are rumors that some unlicensed companies serve leftover drinks from previous clients. You want something fresh for your big day, not leftovers.

5 Become a biker


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The wonders of biking will never cease, and that’s the reason why stylish couples choose to arrive in motorcycles. Bikes let you pose for the photo of the moment in a unique way. They also create a sense of style in a relatively affordable way. So if you don’t know how to move those two-wheelers, you better start practicing. Don’t leave anything to chance, or the experience could turn into embarrassment.

6 Water ways


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Are you taking the celebrations by the lakeside? Well, consider a sleek escape in a speedy motorboat as you wave behind guests. Alternatively, you can row together in a canoe or even paddleboards in a very quiet manner. The choice is yours.

Take any of the 6 and you’ll create a splendid wedding arrival or exit. Don’t always choose what others are choosing. You need to create a unique experience that everybody else will remember. This is your chance if you haven’t tied the knot already.

Featured image source: Muddy Matches

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